A Vision of the Assumption

"Through the Heart we may come to know the Love of God;
through the Heart we may become the Love of God."

The Path we all follow in becoming Enlightened Beings, in the Western Mystical Schools, is called The Great Way.

The Great Way includes all People of Every Religion, All the People of the Earth, no matter what race or religion or gender; We are all Brothers and Sisters as we all created by the same God; We All are the Children of the One God Over All. The following is a vision of the Heaven Worlds; a vision of an ascent through realms of ever increasing Light and Love. The personages in this vision are Christian; however, the message does not exclude anyone of any faith; rather, the message is universal in nature: the message is for All.

"Through the Heart we may come to know the Love of God;
through the Heart we may become the Love of God."
Mother Mary by Jessika

The vision ocurred on, August 20, 2006, between 9:00 and 10:00AM, during Sunday Communion on The Feast of the Assumption, when according to tradition, Mary, "having completed the course of her Earthly life... was transported into Heaven." We at the Gnostic Order of Christ hope the vision inspires you as it has inspired us. This spiritual experience is a true event. The person who had the experience chooses to remain anonymous.

On the levels of the Heaven Worlds, sometimes we perceive Truth through Symbols and Visions. And sometimes we have visions of Beings with whom we are very familiar and we receive sacred messages, words spoken by or received from these Beings. These Beings whom we perceive may be real or they may be symbolic representations of what is real.

This particular vision was qualified by exceptional Light, Love, Spiritual Presence, and Presences, and an intense Spiritual Energy that defies absolute qualification in words, The vision occurred during Holy Communion while the person was performing the transmutation of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. The person was guided by a series of Divine Beings upwards into a sucession of Heaven Worlds and saw many things. There were very few words.

In honor of Mary, just after the Lord's Prayer: and prior to beginning the transmutation of the bread and wine, The Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary Morning Prayer to Mary was recited. You might like to say it before you begin reading of the spiritual experience.

O Blessed Mother Immaculate

Mother of Our Lord, Christ Jesus,
Help Us to Come Closer to Thee
That We May More Fully Perceive Thee
That We May Better Know Thee
And Our Lord and Master Christ Jesus.

May We Be So Filled with Light
That Our Presence
May Be Healing for the Sick,
That Our Touch
May Bring Wholeness
To Those in Need.

Bring Our Consciousness to Ever See
The Perfection in All Things
Created By the One God of All.
Assist Us that We May Fully Realize
The Great Gift of Atonement,
And the Message

Of Love, Wisdom, and Compassion
Given Unto Us by You and Your Son.

Bring Peace and Blessings to Us
And to Those Around Us,
And Grant to Us
A Greater Realization of Ourselves
As Children of Light,

In Thy Name, Blessed Mother Mary,
And In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


As the transmutation began, Mary appeared in my mind's eye as she often does as a full sized figure, her body, gossamer in appearance and only visible from the waist up, hovering behind the alter as if the alter didn't exist. This particular morning, I saw Light pouring out from Her Heart and Hands over the bread and wine and out onto the chapel to all of us. Her presence was soft, gentle and healing.

Following, at the actual lifting of the paten at the very beginning of the transmutation, Jesus appeared and replaced her. His body was also gossamer and also of full size. Jesus stood as Mary had stood, close in front of me. He blessed the bread and as he did so a Presence of Unconditional Love covered me and entered the Chapel and spread out over all. As I raised the Chalice, the Holy Spirit descended and filled the Chalice with clouds of White Light, the essence of it Love. That is all I remember of the first part of the transmutation, the second part of the transmutation eclipses any more memories of the first part.

As I raised the bread for the second time, the Master Jesus appeared again, to bless and absolve me. His body and countenance were of Light and as I waited for him to bless the Body during the second part of the transmutation, he transferred to me a Light of such intensity, that I was somewhat astounded. The Light he was emanating was like a Golden Wind and of Greater Force than I had ever experienced before at Communion. As it emanated from Him, this Light moved through me and over me, pulsating through me and into the room in ever greater perceptible waves.

I opened my mouth, took in and swallowed the Host. As it descended into my body, it became a brilliant White Ball of Light. When it reached the level of my heart, suddenly the ball of Light burst, sending a shock of White Light and Love throughout my whole body. I felt Jesus place both of his hands on my head. Then he filled my body with even more of that same White Light and I felt I was all Light, nothing but Light and again the essence was Love.

When Jesus absolved me, he said with great expression in a gentle, intense, and assuring voice, yet emphatically, "This IS the Light of Christ." He left his hands on my head for some time, and then the Light and the Love began to emanate from him to me even more intensely, until I felt I was one with it. As I absorbed this Light and Love, allowing it, I then noticed that this Brilliant Light, was coming through his body and hands; it was emanating from from behind him, as if from the very Source of All Creation.

As I watched, the Light changed to a soft golden color and began to pulsate with even greater magnitude. In escalating intense waves, it increased in my body and around me, and at the same time into the room, each wave stronger than the last. Then my body began to vibrate, more so than in any Light experience I had ever had, until that day. At first, it was difficult to manage, but then, Jesus said, "Be not afraid, trust in God", and I opened even more and as I opened, increasingly more and more Golden Light manifested and with it I felt even greater Love.

Gently, my consciousness lifted into another realm of even brighter and more intense Golden White Light until I could see nothing but White light everywhere. I do not know how long this went on, the increasing and increasing, but it took some time. And as the Master blessed me, the experience of intensity and waves of Light and Love, repeated itself again and again until finally, I let go of time, and then the Master gradually disappeared and as he vanished, simultaneously, a silvery transparent sheath, like a tunnel of light formed around me, as of the Holy Spirit, I thought at the time. It seemed like a protection; it was very alive and it surrounded me with Peace, Calm and Safety. It was about six feet wide and shimmered as like water in the sunlight; it was both transparent and tangible; a substance silvery and glasslike yet, having an air-like quality and then I felt drawn upward.

Still kneeling, I looked above and it seemed there was no end to this silvery tunnel; it seemed to stretch infinitely into distant Heaven worlds above me. Then, gently, the Silvery White Sheath expanded past my body several more feet and as it did, became tinged with Gold. And as this sheath expanded, so did my vision open into yet another world of Golden Light. I felt the vibration of this world, as like a warm, soft, gentle, wind. It swirled over my face and body through the very fabric of the Silvery Tunnel, yet all still and peaceful. As I focused, I could see a heaven world stretched out before me. There was no horizon, rather, this world of Light, now Golden, seemed to extend on and on forever. In this state, I suddenly returned to semi-awareness of the chapel and the altar and I was moved to perform the last blessing over the Chalice.

As I raised the Chalice, my spiritual Master and Guardian, came forward into my vision, looking much as she did in life, but her body was of translucent white light. She wore a white robe like undergarment, tied at the waist by a golden cord and over it another robe of royal blue having a large hood over her head, her wavy black hair falling out of the hood over her shoulders and held back from her face by a golden band. Many sisters in the same dress stood around and behind her.

She placed her hands around the sides of the Chalice and blessed it. A shining white glimmering Light descended into the Chalice, a very gentle and very soft White Light, a cloud of light containing millions of small points of light. The cloud poured into the Chalice for sometime, then she stepped aside and as she did she extended her hand toward the distance in front of me, as if to show me something.

As she indicated to me to look, the sisters standing there in great number, parted and faded into the side ground and as they did so, Mary appeared, again. Her heart emanated Light of a soft Rose Pink color. She just stood there, allowing me to see her. She was wearing clothes similar to those of the Sisters, but in addition, instead of blue mantle, she wore a White Mantle over her head and shoulders. She looked very much like the Chambers Picture of her, but her appearance more physical and regal; her body was of pure Light, her eyes were a soft blue and gentle and her face and body were enlivened by the Light; it was a Living White Light that emanated from her and her heart glowing softly pink through the Light. Her arms were outstretched towards me as if to embrace me. Chambers Mary: adapted by Jessika

As I looked, I, holding the Chalice, was gently transported towards her; I felt I was floating and the altar disappeared. Then I found myself kneeling in front of her, seemingly in endless space; there was not ground; rather, I knelt as if on a cloud of Light and the tunnel had disappearred. The she blessed the Chalice, her body so close to me, I could have touched her. Her heart, a soft pink infusion, the edges misty, grew to fill her whole breast from shoulder to shoulder, from her waist to her neck.

From this soft pink infusion emanated a force and seemingly of its own accord moved outwards towards me. Her outstretched hands circled me and the energy embraced me and the Chalice. Gently, the White Light poured from her hands to surround me, and the tunnel, enclosed me again. This time it was infused with even more of the soft Silvery-White Light, but even whiter than before, simultaneously, the soft Rose Pink Light, the character of it entirely Loving, poured from her heart into the Chalice. After some time, she lowered her arms. She stood there as if waiting and I felt a Great Peace and Silence and Love. I knew it was time to drink from the Chalice, and I did, and then placed it back on the altar and raised my arms to receive a blessing from her.

Mary placed both of her hands on my head and then she said, "This IS The Holy Spirit, bring blessings into the World." As she blessed me, my heart opened even more to receive and the Light from her hands filled me and the Light from Her Heart poured into my heart and my heart expanded and grew until it filled my entire breast and it lifted me into still another level of greater Light and Love. I almost passed out and had to rest my arms on the altar to steady myself; but I allowed this experience to continue as long as it would. The Light increased and at some point when my heart was as large and as soft Rose-Pink as hers, there was a soft completion, and the Silvery Tunnel of Light was tangibly around me again.

When I felt the completion, I felt moved to end the vision as I became aware of the other people present waiting to receive communion, but my inner voice said, "No, open more." So I breathed deeply of the experience to blend even more with the Light, and as I did I was lifted up even further, and as I became ever more one with this Golden Light, my heart expanded, still more.

As I breathed I was lifted to an even higher world of Light, an even brighter White-Golden Light, tinged with a Pink-Rose color. The quality of the Light became softer, and yet, even more powerful and the Light and Love continued to fill and expand my heart, and the light from my own heart washed over my face as a soft cloud. As this progressed, Mary gradually disappeared and as she did so, a woman I can only call the Great Mother gradually appeared in her place.

The Great Mother adpted by Jessika from the Virgin of Messina

The Great Mother's robes and her hair were Golden; she was all Golden. Over her head she wore a gauze-like golden veil. The veil shone and I noticed that it fell over her shoulders, covering her body to her feet. A White Star hovered over her crown, and millions of very tiny white stars sparkled within the golden fabric of her veil. The background of this luminous place shone like a White Golden Nebula of the Cosmos, and there was no place where it was not Light; rather, the whole of the realm seemed to expand infinitely; seemed to contain everything, everything I could imagine of the Universe.

Stars shone around The Great Mother. Then Great Mother, looked into my eyes, turning her face upwards towrds the distant sky. I knew she wanted me to follow her and as I did, I was carried up even further upwards into other realms. Each realm became successively brighter, and yet though brighter, the Light more gentle and soft. And as we lifted, there was barely a perceptible motion, yet I could feel a gentle whispering across my face, so soft that it was hardly noticeable and yet, it was softly audible; it was the sound of a Sacred Wind, the Holy Spirit, the essence of God's Spiritand I felt even Greater Peace; it was both gently warming and comforting.

The I was drawn to look into the face and eyes of the Great Mother agian. Her face was a glowing cameo within the folds of her Golden Veil. The star above her, hovering over her crown was almost as large as her face. Her eyes were gentle and soft and yet so deep and powerful. As I looked into her eyes, I beheld the infinite space of the Cosmos, and I had the sense that there were endless stars and galaxies of stars. So wondrous was her gaze... that for a time, I was held in the space of a timeless eternity; a powerful immobilizing gentleness. Then another kind of Great Peace overcame me, that of Being and Rest from movement and yet, Life and Aliveness. I felt and knew of eons of time and I was lifted up even more.

Effortlessly the Great Mother and I traveled into infinity, timelessness, eternity, propelled by a kinetic and powerful energy and yet, so serenely we moved... I was carried. Waves of Light continued to permeate my being and soul. It washed over me and through me as we traveled upwards.

Then, as imperceptibly as we had begun moving, we stopped. We rested from movement and The Great Mother gently broke her gaze and looked away from me, ever so slowly turning her head to a place behind and above her. I followed her gaze with my eyes and as I did so, she floated slowly a little to my side and in a mist disappeared. I was alone, suspended in a space of Light, but the Light also formed a surface beneath me that supported me firmly.

I looked to where The Great Mother had looked and then realized I was standing on an exapansive landing at the bottom of a massive set of Golden Stairs, that ascended to a great height. At the top of the stairs, there was a portal through which a bright light shone. And as I looked at the portal, it opened some, and then a little more, and then a little more, as if beckoning me and each time it opened a little more, more White Light came through. Then, suddenly a blazing White Light as a White Fire burst forth from the portal; it pulsated in waves and I was amazed at its brightness, that my eyes or my mind was even able to see such brightenss.

By Jessika

Then I saw a face behind this White Fire and only barely, the silhouette of a body and then I knew that it was this Being that was emanating the White Fire. His face, I thought, this must be the of Face God and yet, I somehow knew the Being was not God. As to his countenace, his face was as like that of an Ancient One; yet he was both young and old and it seemed as if he perceived he knew of all knowledge, yet also that he had no knowledge. He seemed to know of all power, and yet of no power. He was a Glorious Being. And though I knew this Ancient One was not the One God of ALL, I knew he represented that One; the One who emanates All Light and Life and Love for I could feel his emanation; it was of the Great Undefinable, All Loving Presence; it was Essence of the Christ Light; it was as if were the very Soul and Light of God. His face was barely visible in the Such Great Light, but I could see His eyes and as I looked they fastened upon me. They were as deep and even deeper than the Great Mother's.

And for a few moments I was transfixed. His eyes beheld me and held me. As I looked into them, I saw again deep space, but this time I saw Light and then saw where there was supposedly, no Light. I saw darkness, but in the darkness, stars stretched out endlessly before me and I knew there was no darkness anywhere. And then for a moment it seemed that all of Life and All Creation, emanated from this Great Being.

Then, Momentarily, a movement from the Being drew me back from this vision of the Cosmos, and noticed I was standing higher up on the stairs and I could see the Beings Face even more clearly. His White Hair flowed out from His head and face as if blown out by the wind and his arms were spread out his hands turned upwards and from under his arms, I could see barely the outlines of figures behind him.

I had to breathe deeply to remain present, to maintain my awareness and allow the vision to further unfold. As I did so, I was moved to step back a little. Then as I continued to look, I saw Angels begin to come forth from behind him; from behind both sides of the Magnificent Brilliance this Great Being. They came forth from the in two columns from either side of the Portal and slowly in a gentle march began to descend the stairs single file in two endless streams to either side of me.

The robes of the Angels and their hair flowed also as like a gentle wind as they progressed. The wind seemed to be caused by the movement of their forms. They were light within light, their luminescence visible against the Light of the denser vibration of the World in which I was standing.

Each carried a candle. This softer light swirled around them like a mist infusing the Light of the denser world. They had the quality of weightlessness as they floated downwards in their columns, one after the other they moved along, into what I knew somehow, was the Way into the World in which we live. And I could not count their number, there were so many.

Then I became semi-aware again of the Chapel and altar. I watched them encircle the altar in rows and their light fill the chapel in waves of Great Brilliance, but Gentle in Force. I could have reached out to touch them, they were so close. Gradually, as my awareness of the Chapel and the altar returned degree by degree the Angels retreated into a White mist.

As the angels gradually retreated, members of what I knew to be of the White Lodge advanced into the mist and took their place around the altar. Yet, all of the Light I had experienced was still present as was the White Silvery shimmering tunnel of water-light around me. As I began to come back into the room more fully, this White Silvery Light Tunnel stayed with me and as had happened with the Angels, I could not count the number of the White Lodge. It seemd the number of these beings extended beyond the confines of the Chapel walls, as if the Chapel walls were not even there. The beings of the Lodge didn't say anything; they simply stood ther regally and silently. In some way, they indicated to me that they stood firmly with All who serve the One Light.

I knew they were waiting for me to serve Communion to those present, so I proceeded. And each one who received Communion was also enmantled in the same Silvery-White Tunnel of Light. The words I received for each of the Elements, the Body and Blood of Christ were.... for the Body, "This IS the Christ"... and for the Blood, "This IS the Holy Spirit."

And I understood as I served Communion the message:

"Through the Heart we may come to know the Love of God;
through the Heart we may become the Love of God."

The service was closed with the Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary
Evening Compassion Prayer adapted for the group.
You are invited to close this reading by saying this prayer.

O Giver of All Life,

Help Us To See All Things in the Purity

In Which All IS Created.

Help Us To Maintain Our Divinity

Through Obedience To the Holy Spirit from Within.

Help Us To Strive for the Upliftment

And Betterment of All Beings,

Through Practice of the Will of God

For Good in All Things.

Help Us To Grow in Love, Wisdom, and Compassion,

To Heal Ourselves and the Children of Earth.

Help Us To Give of Ourselves Without Thought.

Help Us To Do Unto the Least of Thy Children.

Even as We Would Unto Our Beloved Ones.

Help Us and All Beings to Fully Realize

The Forgiveness and the Fullness

Of the Love of God.

Help Us To Bring To the Children of Earth

An Understanding of the Way.

Through the Immaculate and Compassionate Hearts

Of the Christed Mary and Jesus,

And Guided by The Holy Spirit.

Glory Unto God.

Glory Unto the Christ.

Glory Unto the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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