In the ocean, one celled organisms, are produced in the upper layers of the waters aided by Sunlight. These organisms are at the beginning of the food chain and without them, we would all perish. On the waves of the ocean, these one celled organisms travel througout the world. Euphotic is a scientific term referring to the Upper Layer of the Ocean where Water and Sunlight mix, where life begins.The term comes from the Greek and means Good Light (Gr.: Good + Light)Like the name Euphotic, the name of phytoplankton is a combination of Greek words: phytoplankton (Gr: Grow + Wander) and protozoa (Gr: First + Living Being).

In spiritual literatures of both East and West, and especially in Esoteric Western Metaphysics, Sunlight is equated with the acquisition of Knowledge, Wisdom and Enlightenment; while Water, especially the Ocean, is analogous to the mind of God and Eternal Universal Truths.

The one celled organisms, may be equated with the Great Teachers of the World, known and unknown, those Enlightened Beings who travel throughout the world serving Humanity and spreading Good Light.

The Euphotic Foundation is dedicated to all those beings who wander the earth bringing us Good Light and in some small way to making a contribution for the betterment of the World we live in.

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