Father Paul's
The Golden Force

Chapter 12: Consciousness


This chapter might well be the first chapter, or it might be the last, for it is the first thing we should attempt to learn and attain, but it usually is the last.

It is the simplest yet one of the most complex, for it is the "Let go and let God" of all of it. It is the thing that we should have acquired in order to fully work the "Law of God."

We have talked of many things, the Law, the Electromagnetic fields of Man, our atmosphere that is Man’s atmosphere. Mind and the relation of Man and Woman, the Way -- all of the methods or principles are changeless, but their action and reaction in your life will bring new experiences day by day. They are ever-evolving through matter and effect of spirit. For all things are in constant motion.

We are evolving when we first sense the existence of a higher ideal state to that we are operating in. The ideal state of Matter is pure form. While Deity is the ideal state of Mind in matter that we call Spirit.

The purpose of matter, in its evolution, is wholly toward those forms created which will sustain the principles of Life -- while in the higher forms of the bodies, matter thus gains a higher consciousness -- that of the chemistry of Life. Matter always evolves with the beings using it and the use of it.

This is because the body is the living vehicle of the Soul. It sustains and manifests consciousness.

With this, you can say man’s consciousness is aspiring to a higher consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness -- which is the same as saying that man is aspiring to become conscious of this Universe as a whole.

This includes Matter, this world, other worlds, the psychic realm of the Souls which have gone beyond material sight, and all cycles of Life -- it is the blending of our individual part of the Great Mind with the Mind of God, the Great Creative Intelligence and the Self becoming unified with Life as a whole, that is, the Life principle or Christ principle.

Then the desires of material achievement are dwarfed to the point that selflessness becomes a reality. This is the union with God and Christ.

Remember, matter is an aspect of Life, and the same Life is a motivator and part of Mind. It is continuous through both, although through all creation we have Life and Mind as the two polarities of our consciousness.

Whenever Life develops a cell, it develops a Mind concept and the multiplicity of these concepts are a reflection of the Master Mind of the unit, be it person or substance. Therefore, we are God to the cells of our bodies. These are life cells.

Life of the body receives and transforms matter through the digestive system. Therefore, all of the energies received are transformed in essence. These energies are used by the brain and other cells in general -- for thinking, no matter on what level this may be, good or bad.

Mind and body are the two aspects of Life -- are capable of modifying the vibration of Spirit, as Jesus, said, "As a man thinketh, so is he", also a man is what he eats.

In the scheme of nature, from the highest form of intelligence to the lowest, in the use of the word form, we mean the form, shape, the matrix or structure -- in the second use of the word form, we are using the word in a collective manner, a group or category. This is a very important part of understanding.

Life demonstrates the pronounced ability for a precise memory; all molecules and atoms have patterns of memory and function. In using the word Life, we are not talking of an abstract objective thing or something which is not real. This is an actual force in action and is an essential part of our existence in the now. It is the Savior of All; Life is the Father-Mother Force through the Sun/Son of God. Life drives out negation and what you call death. It is the Christ descending to Earth or coming into the solid form of matter.

Let us go back to the memory patterns of the function of various forms.

Consciousness sorts out vibrations and puts them with associated vibrations, differences, contrast to one another, thus bringing order out of chaos. Thus, we have sensations or thought, and they sense or record for future use.

Thus Mind can create matter, if the consciousness of the function is present.

This is why, when a persons thinks only of material things, it sets up a rhythm of action and reaction, which excludes the basic Life principle and death occurs to the person or form of function. Thus also the death of ideals or mental normal function is bound to take place. It is well to always keep the three L’s in front of our mind at all times, if we are to attain any degree of the higher Life:

Life -- Light -- Love

On the material plane:

Christ -- Force -- Action

The effect of vibrations sets up the consciousness and stimulates and constitutes thinking, this thing of action and reaction or the positive and negative impulses. Their influences in our living is again the building of consciousness because we can learn to control the things which come into our Universe and what will happen in our life.

Today, physical scientific researchers are always probing and thinking in what they call the unknown worlds, both the microcosm and the macrocosm. Why the probing?

What are these realms -- why the search for the things they do not know exist in the now? They are developing consciousness.

Aspiration and inspiration are the aspects which are fired by the imagination, and the imagination rises to its height or level of sensitivity to the point in accordance with the impressions it receives; these are the active principles of creating.

Consciousness comes from the Soul, or comes from the mental aspect of Life Force -- thinking, sensation -- these motivations are the active principles of imagination and its aspects.

With Cosmic Consciousness we understand and sympathize, we are one with it, whatever it may be. Intellect alone is not enough. We know, we feel, we are one with it. The individual, the horse, an all-embracing idea of the way, the God, or the life of all humankind.

Know thy Self -- and all nature will be revealed through thy Cosmic Consciousness.

Our life has its meeting point between the seen material and the unseen world or Cosmic All-ness; Here is consciousness and those who open to it may at this moment or that moment foresee this future.

Why? Because we do not have existence, except as of this moment ever-passing into the new moment. Imagination with experience permits consciousness to anticipate the future.

Therefore the real reason for the development of Consciousness is the attainment of knowledge. In cases where memory goes back a long ways -- imagination as the activator foresees far into the future.

This happens where memory and imagination are correlated with the Life principle or Christ, God is the Mind of all minds, and is the power on which all of this works.

Imagination is not just realizing an image. This would be a limitation. It is the power for force generated by an image -- the concept or reactions which have emanated from the image. For it is through imagination more than memory that one can get to realize one’s Self.

We should ever work toward and realize an absence of fear or evil intent, this then will not clutter up our memory.

Choose fear and you have ignorance.

Nothing is more free than the imagination of the Being, although it cannot exceed that original stock of ideas furnished by the internal and external senses, except in the event that you free yourself of the external influences and realize that you are a Universe to your-Self. This you can do through the Law of Epigenesis, which is just the outgrowth of Cause and Effect. For the more you put in the more you can get out.

Imagination is the everything of this moment in your life and mine. It is the command for action or the alchemist of power. It is the key to the gates of Heaven and the Aladdin’s lamp in the lower or secondary action, in the use of the Law.

The magic arts are only workable by and through pure and intense and powerful imagination on the highest level we can operate here on earth. Be they good or bad.

The person that is aware or has an awakened consciousness realizes and is conscious of the constant change in conditions, for nothing is stationary. This is also the becoming -- the Epigenesis in action -- the evolving of force or vector curve.

As a solar system moves majestically through space in what we would say eons of time, but in reality only in the now, so, too, do we move through the Path of the Law, be we bad -- or good -- as you say, but I say there is no bad, for all would evolve or retrograde to the original form of the Master Idea of Creation on the way of the Christ in the Cross of Calvary. So too do we follow the Cross of the positive and negative to heaven or nothing-ness.

Can you conceive of a mind that is still -- except for an instant, an interval time? Even when we do what we call being still and opening up the channel for Infinite Mind to come through us, here again we are under a controlled pattern of mind control.

Every cell is constantly breaking down and building up; this is what we might call perfect balance.

Not thought -- but Consciousness, is the prime factor of your development and the path to becoming the God-like Child.

Christ healed his Consciousness of the imperfections -- to the perfections of the Law.

Mind is the spiritual organ of the being, with absolute perfection at its highest level.

A stationary condition does not exist in an awakened Consciousness. All things are in motion; it may work on only one image at a time.

When we gain control of thinking, then our mental responses to various rates of vibrations are acute, then we are what is usually called becoming sensitive, then we can see, hear, know, and both material and spiritual life becomes one. We might say we are living in the midst of spirituality, because all is one basic energy.

When one awakens spiritually then he can truly say, "My brother" for he will know and feel the reason why. If one is a thinker, he has a greater horizon and is not limited.

The Holiness (whole-ness of all things) breaks onto his consciousness as a golden dawn -- he is no longer alone.

Intellect is the resultant of the sense, and our sentiment is the result of our emotion.

The finite mind is that which only becomes active through passive use; through limitation it may reach the absolute. It must receive matter in order to act and fashion into form that which is being created.

That which is real to us is that we can realize through our senses, regardless of whether it is actual or real.

We must be Conscious of other forms of living before he can realize himself or them. Mind is not the brain. It is not located in any one part of the body, but it exists in all parts of the body. For as you already know, Mind and Life are the integral parts of Consciousness; likewise, the Mind is next to the Godliness of us, but not our Soul.

Mind is the basic all-pervading pattern of all existence. Therefore, our intelligence of a is the sum total of the intelligence of all the atoms of which we are made.

Noise and sound are not actually in existence until they are realized.

A Guide Rule

Always question a reality or thing you sense -- it may not be actually true. Always question your mental interpretations of what thing is real.

To understand the true interpretation of sensation is to acquire a high state of consciousness and control. Remember the Creative Power is in you now.

- Reflection -

God of All, Ageless God

Ageless winds, that caress my cheeks

Whisper a message of the God I seek.

No matter where I look,

I find a lot of God, a little of me

In the mirror, or the lonely tree

For where God is, I must be

Because God is all there is of me.



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