Father Paul's
The Golden Force

Chapter 13: How Much do You See?



Let me bring to your attention once again that all we see is that which the other thing radiates, the light or vibration which comes from it, it might be a person, an object, a light, the things of the material world -- this is the seeing with the physical eyes. These must also be, when collected in form in the consciousness, a thing which is in our consciousness or we will probably not see it at all.

It has been recognized for a long time by people of science that vibrations give forth impressions, but findings are not always explainable with the present research approaches. The medical doctor and experts in their fields take the symptoms of disease to find the cause. In their thinking, it is the germ. In other words, they have disregarded laws and words. They have disregarded laws and principles which will explain the cause.

The method of repetition in experiments leads to many general scientific principles, or what is taken as accepted principles. To explain this.. if a certain test is repeated a number of times with the same thinking as a basis and the same results obtained, then this is supposed to be a sound basis on which to base a hypothesis or supposition.

They fail to realize that truth, a basic truth of this Universe, that the material and spiritual are not a multitude of separate things; it is all one -- One Mind. When one has been thinking about one mind -- all things as one for a period of time, he finds missing parts for the purpose of finding the cause which must exist.

Now, if we will but think: that all matter is a state of vibrations, and that it is not solid matter as perceived by the physical eye and realized by our brothers scientists. Let us know that it is only vibration that we sense -- for seeing is sensing -- we are then taking the first step to true consciousness of the Universe we live in. Then and only then can we really understand how the Master Jesus was able and how we too can heal, if we start to be conscious of the world we live in. This is a true scientific approach.

Let us think what have you often said? "I know a thing exists because I see it" or the real oldie, "I will believe it when I see it.
What do you mean, "I see it?" -- this is unscientific. When you sense it, yes, that is correct. Personally, "I mean that I see it." -- in other words my consciousness, at this point of understanding of consciousness, "It sees it." I do not mean my physical body or brain or eyes; I mean my consciousness is conscious of its presence.

The word see as given by Webster defines it to mean "get knowledge through the eye." This definition alone tells how inadequate the process is. Now, just for your own information, go to the library and get a book which gives you in simple language how the eyes function and their accuracy, before the received image is recorded and reconstructed in mind for the recognition of consciousness.

Anyone can test, or have tested, his eyes by instruments, but our tasting, smelling or feeling the things we think we see -- that is different, but are we sure these senses are dependable? For example, have we not all had dreams at night in which things, houses, people or animals were pictured and appeared to be very real, to have life and color, form, just as material things do when we are in what we call an awakened state? I personally would not say that they always exist, but from one aspect they do: sometimes we have impressions in other senses which tell us so.

Let us go back and restate our former statement. Instead of saying, "I know a thing exists because I see it," let us say, "When we see a thing while awake, it is not the thing itself which our consciousness realizes, but a picture of it."

If a blind man looks toward a room of people and does not see them, does this prove the people are not there? The picture vibration made upon the retina of every eye will be the same whether it is consciously observed or not.

It is the vibration picture which is conveyed to my consciousness and produces the picture through the optic nerve and brain. This is all the consciousness can work with, except the spiritual senses.

If you will study how a motion picture camera and projector functions, how frame after frame of pictures (that is individual pictures) are thrown on the screen -- in fact 16 frames a second -- this gives life-like reproduction just as does the continual change of vibration radiated from the numerous objects conveyed through the lens of the eye to the cornea (which is composed of tiny structures called rods and cones, which react to the chemical interchange.) As impulses are sent through the optical nerves to the brain, they reform in consciousness of mind.

The scientist will tell you it is light, but light is only vibration. Thus we see, it was vibration we saw, not the thing we thought we saw.

What happens if other vibrations interfere with the vibrations coming from the thing we are looking at? Well, the thing will change in appearance to you. Will the thing change? No. The thing will not change, but our picture on our consciousness will.

Even the persons themselves can influence what they will see, and their conscious picture will not be like the thing they are looking at in every detail.

There is one exception and that is when man is able to see with his spiritual eyes, that we will speak of later.

This is spoken of in Isaiah 42:20: "He sees many things but does not observe them: his ears are open but he does not hear."

The fact that the vibration of light passes through the lens of the eye and is picked up on the retina: put yourself, in our mind, in the theater looking at a picture on the screen. This is like sitting in the eye -- in front of the retina and behind the lens. The screen would be the lens of the eye; you would not know what was going on outside the body -- only what you saw through the lens of the eye.

The retina is a curved surface, with thousands of tiny structures called rods and cones per every 1/4 inch. These are connected to tiny nerves which lead to the optic nerve. The tiny fibers come together in a heavy cord, like the form of a string, which is the optic nerve that goes to the brain. Here the picture is recreated in consciousness.

About this time, you are wondering why the long detail of how the eyes function, and you are saying, "I am not going to become a doctor, that is their business." My answer to you is that you know so little about yourself and you are so..o..o, so..o..o cock-sure of what is so, and not so, I hoped to show you that you are in a dangerous place and it is time to stop and say, "Maybe I don’t know so much as I thought I did." Then again, "It is possible there is more to the world I live in than I thought there was."

Remember, you are inside of this vehicle looking out! How do you know what you are doing? Answer: Consciousness. There you sit in the darkened chamber of your inner being and most of you are still blind.

Let us go back to function. In other words, the picture vibrations are transmitted to the brain by electrical impulses or vibrations. A myriad of interrupted vibrations are the conveying means of getting the picture from the outside to the brain. This is true, but where, how, some of the details of nerves, energies and where they come from have been omitted here.

The vibrations stimulate certain brain nerve centers; consciousness is the translator of these into the pictures.

What of all the abnormal atomic energy in the air and the strange music we hear around us -- is not this affecting the pictures we see? What about the added energies from the Son of God? It is more or less in the last twenty years that telepathy has been accepted by science.

Really, when we do not have full knowledge of a body process, our seeing it does not prove anything to us. Even after experiments that we have, a certain picture in consciousness does not prove that the thing really exists as we believe it to be.

It is, therefore, a fact that the images we see of conditions, dreams, things we do not understand, tire us from a physical standpoint. Yet, they may be real to us as individuals.

This we have spoken of is another proof that the one that aspires to know God should not permit himself to be affected by the materialistic viewpoint, thus becoming entangled in difficult situations.

It is true. Scientific people as a group in the past have had many false theories, which have been accepted as basic truth and taught. These now are being retracted: for instance, the theory on Ether.

The evidence that science was fooled by accepting what they saw, heard, felt physically -- should at least start people to open their eyes. Let it be said here that I believe in a scientific approach, and I do. But I also believe in a complete scientific approach.

There is one thing that all people can learn above all else from the scientific man. He has stick-to-it-ness. This is what the Christians and others lack today -- so many thousands sway with the wind.

Don’t be a Do-Nothing about your future.

For you have millions of years if you follow the ways of the Creator -- I did not say a dogma.

You cannot stand still -- if you do you will disintegrate. The Way of the Masters of all time is so beautiful, and an exciting way to live.

We have said that you cannot believe all you see and this is a fact, for in the case of the Ether theory, it was a case of pure rationalization and a way to deny the force of the Creative Mind of God.

One might ask the question, "Do I really exist?" My answer is, "Not the way you thing you do." This is my answer to this question and always will be.

Fellow seekers, open thine eyes and relate the truth and discuss the questions you have in your Mind with others. Do not be afraid. Maybe the man next door also has things he wishes to talk about. Work with thy neighbor, and you will get more answers to all of life’s problems. All problems are in the same group. They are all of what you call a spiritual group.

Music is vibration and it is in the sound spectrum. Music, as well we all know, is a soul-stirring thing. There is nothing greater to bring peace and contentment, or to raise us to action, as vibration of music. Of course, you cannot see vibration of music with the physical sight, which is what most people live with.

Music is the material manifestation of vibration and is composed of the same energy as the vibration of matter.

Music first arouses the mind into realization, and brings certain psychic forces into action. The action is felt all through the body. You can feel the beat of the drum, the shrill call of the flute and the notes of the piano in the solar plexus of the body.

Some music makes you feel warm all over. Some sets every nerve to tingling. You cannot see anything coming from the flute or piano. Yet, even with our eyes closed, we hear -- feel -- and there is still another sensation which is the response of the mind.

We all know that light is faster than sound and that some music has a higher frequency than others. This is the difference in the sensation.

If you are interested in God, you are interested in light and sound, for they are manifestations of Spirit. Vibration is the phenomenon which is existent in light, sound and thought. Vibration is a means of healing.

Vibration is the means of feeding Soul - Spirit - Mind - Body

Is there a soul so dead who never to Himself has said, Where is this land I go to now? Where is this place called heaven?

Or is this all a hoax, an advertising idea Perhaps just a stunt on the human race -- Maybe I am not I at all, Or is the race riding for a fall?

No, it is not a stunt. But, the people of the race have been held in slavery by not being taught to think, see and hear.

Learn to see, and all other God-given faculties are the same as learning to play an instrument. We use the finger exercises to create a dexterity of movements with fingers, and coordinate these with the eyes seeing the notes on the paper. It is so that the finger will express not only the notes, but the feelings that come from within, the gaining of new consciousness.

It is a fact the musician senses a melody which is not on paper.

The life you lead can be affected in only one way -- man’s realization of what actually exists now -- by his interpretation. For from baby to ancient sage, we are constantly changing our realization of things.

To me, to my consciousness, the seen and unseen must blend for it to be true.

For as we get closer to God, we get closer to actual truth.

So, let us start the next chapter of our Life with a clear mind, a love of Creation, at least a desire to know the Truth and what actually is, whether it hurts or not.

Let us not be afraid of accepting the Holy Bible and Science of Technology together. For it is not sacrilegious for us to want an all-encompassing God as It is. Expand your consciousness, and know your God and His solar system by knowing yourself.

Peace cometh, as Peace is.






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