Father Paul's
The Golden Force

Chapter 2: We and Our Universe

The old axiom "As above, so below," while old and used in many ways, is still - and always will hold -- true as to the relationship of this Universe to all of its subsequent parts therein, both live and living matter and also the mineral world.

This illustration will help you to conceive of the relative form and the universal pattern of a universal atom. The atom is not only scientifically accepted as correct as to its being one of the basic units of matter, but also in its action in relation to other atoms, its likeness to the Universe and the movement of worlds in our solar system. These are atoms in the Solar Molecule. Each individual also is an atom in the social order expressing God.

Around the earth is the earth’s atmosphere and its electrical shell. This atmosphere of earth is the one that holds our air and all the other things that we need to sustain life, so that there it is, when we draw in our breath the giver of life in all its glory. In fact, it is not very well understood as yet by the scientist, although the sages of long ago know it pretty well and used it in healing for many things. The very thing we are talking about is not well understood, that is, our individual atmosphere and its use and the way of the control of the things is his life. A real understanding of our own atmosphere is necessary; it is so completely and scientifically a duplicate of the solar system and also the atmosphere of the earth.

The earth’s atmosphere is also controlled by the individual -- in Mass. The hundreds of millions of people by their thinking produce such a powerful wave of electrical vibration, and it fills the earth’s atmosphere -- which is the mass mind of earth. Thus is the filtering system built up, so that only part of the sun and its rays can enter and reach the earth. As you can see, it will only allow that which the filter will let pass through to reach the earth. That which comes through will be the energy that the people can use and need, as they are advanced to the point of understanding in its use.

It is well here to relate the individual and his/her atmosphere to the inidividual's internal world or system, the system of the physical body. This is done for the purpose of again saying as above, so below -- what we call the organic system of the body which is also controlled by our thinking. Also the feeding of the cell structure of the physical body -- this is fed from the electrical structure, which is the accurate and descriptive name of what some philosophers call by several names: vital body, psychic body, spiritual body, etc.

We have no latitude in which to take privileges. We must stick to the relative scientific name which is related to its functions. It is a force matrix which holds the chemical composition of the physical body together and also holds it in a certain form regardless of the supposed aging of the person, or aging process. The electrical structure never changes after the age of maturity. This understanding of the basic physical and spiritual bodies is a thought which is and has been scientifically proven if you look for the proof. But like most things, if you do not want to see the proof you won’t find it; or if you are determined to disprove it you may come close, but none can force you to accept what you do not want to see.

The understanding of the electrical our body is likened to when we want to understand our relationship to God. If we says no, then that is it; but if we follow our inner understanding, then we will so be convinced of the Creator’s existence. Remember we said, we can create what we want in our life. This is true, try it out. Just toy with the words and say, "Oh that, so many have come before me, why did they not see it too?" Well, there was a Graham Bell, who invented the telephone.

Let us return here to the chemical cells, as they are fed from the electrical structure. The nature of their function is determined through the energy fed into the cell through the nucleus of the cell. This sets up an attractive pattern so that it will attract the then-needed energies from the blood, which circulates through the blood to rebuild worn out cells and thus rebuild tissue which has been torn down in work, in play, and in thinking.

The atmosphere that man builds is and does act as a screen for the energy from the sun (son). The electromagnetic fields of the earth are also screened through it. Is this not a wondrous Universe -- this body and its own electro-magnetic fields? When we look at the simplicity of the laws that control it, there are at least a dozen or two of these, that we cloud our mind with, which are just surplus baggage. In other words, science has certain laws regarding matter but these are for mechanical tests.

Actually the basic Universal laws and principles that people use daily are very, very few and these are the only ones with which we are concerned. Now these same few are not in opposition to the scientific formulas, but these laws are simple and allow us to understand our personal control of the matter in our universe, and what is going to come into it by the use of Mental control or the product of producing certain energy patterns, which are a part of our thinking or else we could not have produced them in the physical world whether we are using chemistry or electro-physics.

Actually all we are saying is that there is a Universal form in this solar system and it is actually the cell, world, or solar system, etc.

It may be there is a greater God of many Solar Systems but in this, my world, it is not important. Now I am concerned with my personal Universe and this Solar System.

I believe that as a man of God I should be interested in learning all that I can about my own body both physically and spiritually, and how to take care of it, for it is a creation and gift of God so that we may express perfect creation here on earth.

These bodies and the control of them as well as the maintaining of a healthy active life, are a part of Self Mastery and the becoming of a Master.


Call to Duty

From the top of a mountain high
A Shaft of light I saw
Sweeping down to me through crags and draws
For as that shaft drew near
The voice of the ages loud and clear
So strong and yet, as tender as a mother’s kiss
It told me this

It was the call, oh, so many ages old
That of which so many mystics have told.
If you accept my strength, you must have no fear
Even when great armies draw near.
You must not fear the airway to tread
Out in view, from far and near
The path is steep with no rail to guide,
But the powers of the Universe are always at your side.

No glory of earth can entice or compare
With the feeling of a free-born Mystic fair,
For he lives not on the narrow streets of clay
For his is the Universal Will to obey.


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