Father Paul's
The Golden Force

Chapter 3: Growth

Growth is a word with a wide horizon, a distinct Universal Principle. Broadly we are speaking of mental, spiritual and physical growth.

Growth, as we are referring to it, is an encompassing thing. We are sure you realize that a person cannot grow or expand his mental horizon without gaining a greater spiritual concept. Also, he is bound to have a finer physical development as mind functions easier, and spiritual attainment is not as hard to realize if it is done in an orderly and balanced process.

This is the first step in the movement of our development into a spiritual Consciousness, which is necessary for us to conceive that there is more to life in this great God Creation than his physical eyes do see.

We slowly learn through self-discipline of our thinking process that opens the door to the greater and more expansive realms of reality of the world of God. For our consciousness is the spiritual microscope or, should I say, spiritual macro-scope which lets us see the workings of the greater reality just as the scientist uses the microscope to study the infinite atomic worlds within God’s substance.

One may by force of will discipline the thought pattern in regard to the Universal Laws, thus acquiring a fine appreciation of the exactness of mathematical law and any of the social graces. Work in school is good mental gymnastics, if conducted properly with the right premise, and can be the preparation work for higher and finer perception, for true spiritual growth.

One must know where to place the concepts and what one is to hold, also what concepts to disregard -- where to place the importance -- or they only becloud the intellect; so in attempting the unfoldment of a person on the path in search for truth, a person must be very careful what premise he starts with.

To understand the law and real function of growth, one must remember that the brain is a part --a chemical part which reflects the God Mind. The Great Mind is reached through intuitive perception, though the term is often used vaguely.

In this book it will only be used in its essential sense -- as the highest element of the physical Body which reflects the all-existing Universal Mind and acts as a filtering station, directing the impulses of the Great Mind or even the mass mind through the motor system of the body. Even the automatic motor reflexes are reflected through it.

The brain is like a giant glass prism. As the light passes through the prism it is broken up into the various colors and associated with them. Like this, the thought impulses from the Mind and those from the Universal Pattern of the system and method of Body function pass through it and are sent out over the proper nerve system to get the proper function of the physical body. Thus we grow in perfection of function and action in accord with the perfect Universal pattern.

The smoother this path of mental and physical reflexes works, the less disturbance we have from the physical body; also, the more clear will be the psychic or intuitive impressions that come through to us because there is less resistance and less body consciousness, therefore more consciousness on the higher levels of God consciousness.

True growth of Mind referred to is not brought about by storing up historical facts. The question arises here, do we learn any one fact or a dozen facts or do we, in our process and studying, just bring forward to conscious mind the existing facts? Perhaps we should say the informative material only causes us to remember that which is and does already exist in the Universal Mind, thus releasing the fetters or idea of limitation which the mass mind has placed on our thinking. This is the uncovering and bringing to light knowledge already possessed.

For ages this has been the problem of the Yogi and many others. If one has a true concept of who one is and the Creative Force and the unity that binds and holds all these together as one, his next step is to bring himself into the harmonious vibration of that which binds all -- the vibrations which bind atoms in wood and steel, and all these different materials together.

What do we mean by a harmonious vibration of that which binds all? Many volumes have been written about this subject but let us sum it up this way: Getting into harmony with God manifesting as the vibrating life force which creates the physical magnetic fields -- these are the binders -- so, in order to be in harmony with these natural forces, one must first realize that he is a part of the microcosm as well as the macrocosm.

You must not feel a resentment toward the denser material things which seem to retard your movement and you many not seem to be able to master. You must see it as it really is and the useful purpose it has in the universal scheme. You must feel the closeness of God in this denser form of matter.

This binding action is only made possible through the Unity of Mind with the One Force -- God Power -- in this Universe. All of this power is at the disposal of those who know and use it -- the God Force which works through the chemical laws of attraction and repulsion, which produce the biases. In the chemical world it is this force working through the pattern set at the time of World Creation.

In other words, the atmosphere of the atom radiates around it, and vibration in it causes the composition or element formed by the atom, which determine its elastic reaction and determine whether it is fluid or gas.

Assuming the student has fairly grasped the meaning of the oneness with God -- the Great Creative Power in life -- this very simple statement has taken some people the better part of a lifetime to accomplish, but this is not necessary as there is the key to all Growth; it is a giving over -- a releasing the acceptance of intuitive knowledge and wisdom which will come through your atmosphere if you "let go and let God!"

Let go and let God -- this is the one expression which after being told to every student who has set himself to know his God and learn the tools he possesses is the simplest and yet the most confusing.

How do we let go? How do we let God? Did you ever come into the house after a strenuous day or an extremely active period of an hour or two and throw down the body in a chair? You just dropped it there -- you did not move or fidget, you did not think, you did not take off any of the outer clothing ; you just ceased to act or think, you just enjoyed the natural reaction of "no action"; you were just happy to not do anything. Well, this is letting go.

When you really let go consciously you are in a state of not feeling arms, legs, or any other part of the physical body.

Of course when you start to practice this art (and I mean art, for it is a functional part of the everyday life, if you are going to use the tools you possess), when you are going to use scientific prayer, this letting go is a functional part. When you are going to remove the stresses and strains of living from body and mind, here too it is essential. Here is the interesting part, that when you have really let go God will do the rest for the Great Creative Force of the Universe is ever trying to manifest the Great Mind; the Great Mind is ever alert to every pattern that we (its creation) makes. It is the great gift of God -- we are told God only wishes to fully fill these patterns we make.

This is the truth, so if you are lacking certain things in your life scheme then you have not made the pattern for them, or you blocked it with another, or did not think that you would have these things anyway. So you did get what you expected --did you? Yes, I think you did.

Work to realize God everywhere.

The fact is that once you have built up this atmosphere of yours, it is built to receive and let come through that which you desire. If you have knowingly built up a pattern of joy, truth or desire for truth, health and consciousness, knowing that the Creative Power is in all things -- this comes with the feeling that you are not alone and do not face the world alone.

This is the beginning of oneness with all that is. You will then begin to express Life, Joy and Happiness regardless of your age, place or money. We have news for you -- you do not face the world at any time; the only world you face is the world of your own being body/soul/mind, and your atmosphere -- which is your responsibility. You should prepare them. This is your world and your responsibility.

By silent prayer this is done -- not the "God give me" kind, but the "I accept this, God" -- the knowing that you already have the right to all that is a part of the Great Universal Power, and therefore It is a part of your world if you will let it manifest Itself through you.

The first discipline of the person who desires to grow is to make his atmosphere just what he wants it to be -- then and then only are the harmonious vibrations going to form into his atmosphere, to form the life and bring the things he wants. Then it will come from the infinite source of power to him -- but there must be a complete circuit or things will not flow through his atmosphere. Don’t try to help God do this or that -- but let go!

During the Civil War at the Battle of Chancellorsville, the great Confederate General Stonewall Jackson’s atmosphere was broken. I claim, and he, the idol of the Southern Army, whose power over his soldiers had been almost magical and whose fearlessness in battle had carried him safely through a tempest of bullets fell, never to rise again in the material body as a leader of earth forces on the field of battle.

We speak of this demonstration because it brings forth two points: One, we know Stonewall certainly believed in the cause he was fighting for, but you see we do not have a personal God Who, because our cause may be right, would adjust our thinking so that the bullet would not hit. On the other hand it might be right for the greatest good. This makes no difference. It is a case where Stonewall’s atmosphere had the invincibility pattern which had been set that way all along but then he wavered and the God Force flowing through the doubt pattern he had now accepted on the day of his death did the work.

This is nothing new as it has many times been said, "As you think so are you." Now this is supported by various authoritative doctors, that at least 70% of the illnesses of mankind have psychosomatic origins.

We now accept the premise that our thoughts produce our atmosphere we desire which will bring to us in our Universe what we want -- good, bad or indifferent.

In order to gain wisdom and strength we prepare ourselves to sit in silence each night and morning. At night we go back over the day’s events and judge ourselves -- not with remorse, but with full knowledge that the events of this day are over -- gone. If we have erred we do not accept the error into our atmosphere but we accept the good as far as our life is concerned, and if we have lied or passed misinformation regarding a brother we resolve (if we do) to give the correct information on the morrow. Then we set in our minds the questions we have, and then wipe our minds clean with a mental dust cloth and stop thinking and be quiet. If some information pops into the conscious mind, we put this down and when we are finished with Meditation, we negate or deny all of the negative things -- the errors, the sins, as the Christian Church would say -- in other words, we cease to give things any life -- then they can no longer exist in this world or any other. This is true of all things in life we do not want around our world -- our personal world. But do not try to govern the personal world of another person unless asked to, and even then not until you have really perfected your atmosphere to a state of greater perfection, if you are a new student in this endeavor, for you can get in trouble and greatly disturb the other fellow.

The art of meditation is not concentration. This is entirely used for a different purpose. We will speak of this later. Before going into meditation we must remember first, we are going to break away from the mass thinking or mass mind so that we have no dogmatic principles to follow.

There is but one Mind and one God, a God that does not wear pants and is a great sentient Force. Therefore It does not care what your religion was in that It did not originate any of the things you call Church. Some of the works of the Great Ones have been left out of the Christian Bible and that is why it is necessary to have no barriers or superstitions. There is no personal God sitting in a material heaven on a material throne welcoming good immaterial souls to this material heaven and with equal justice sending immaterial souls to a material hell full of fire, fear and hatred. My, what a lot of friends I am going to have there.

Growth is impossible with such concepts of being. For the proof of the Truth, science and an understanding of the continuity of life exists, and the proof of life on other planets exists, for many who pass through transition from here go to other worlds to live and grow amongst a higher race of development. The idea of hell and old heaven is being buried by the truth in science of scientific facts -- in an unmarked grave where it will never be unearthed by the fear mongers.

Emerson says: "I am the oldest Religion. Leaving aside the question: Which was prior, egg or bird? I believe the mind is the creator of the world and is ever creating; that at last Matter is ‘’dead’ mind; that mind makes the senses it perceives with; that we are a continuation of the power that made us."

Assuming then that you have awakened or have never been enthralled in that nightmare of ignorance, and that God or Being means to you above all Intelligence: that within this Intelligence is substance -- the Creative force of the Universe made manifest -- and that you are one with that Creative Force; and that you are an atom in the composition of this Universe. You must understand why it is your right and necessary privilege to come into harmonious vibration with all the other atoms which are affected. The absolute Creative Force of this Universe is flowing -- you to it and it to you. God gave Us dominion over all the earth. "You are on the Earth."

Don’t you see - you are seeking only what Creative Intelligence gave you. Your possibilities are limitless. The only price demanded is tireless effort of knowing. You are asking how to know - how to take the Almighty’s free gift to yourself.

Let us not forget that all we ask is -- let us lead you to the treasure of Universal Mind, so you may make it all your own, as it is already yours in the first place. The Universal Mind is also your storehouse of Knowledge, as well as the source of the things you seek. Through it you get your needs supplied. All needs are different but they come from the same storehouse through the same channel which bring ours to us. "The Way is a straight and narrow one" but brings freedom; yet being narrow, it has limitless width and boundless dimension.

If you are to surmount self -- know your birthright -- your oneness with God. Your way to limitless supply is through a proper vibratory pattern, established in your atmosphere through a control of thinking, and secured by the knowledge of the Law. This will attract the people and things you have accepted. You might say the Way of Faith was laid open -- in other world, the width and breadth of the Knowledge you have attained. You know God or Creative Power will bring what you have accepted and that your atmosphere will make it possible for it to come through to you.

Spinoza said he affirmed that when we are self-conscious, that is, when we are aware of our own existence, then God realizes [him/ her]... self, "For he that glorified My Creation knowing first that I created it, to him shall the secret of the Universe be revealed."

If you are one with all creative force, all power is yours. Hold the truth -- assert it and forever banish every devil (evil) from your consciousness, and your atmosphere will allow only that to come to you which you have accepted.

"This mighty (I am) Impersonality" we cannot define, but yet this infinite force we can appropriate. Hardly have we started to perfect our atmosphere by meditation, right thinking and scientific prayer than the true vibrations begin. We cannot force the pattern, what we want to be filled, but the truth of law and order and harmony flows through us; for by knowing, they will produce it for us.

Let me say here -- Peace and Harmony are the outgrowth of the discipline of mind and lots of work. The use of the Law and the much talked-of Peace and Harmony (which cannot be studied) will become a reality in your life when your atmosphere is cleared. Oh, how true the world,

"For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

The Great One

From the depth of Earth’s inner atom
To the towering heights of the stars
From the deepest part of the ocean
To the powerful planet Mars

God moves and has His Being
Surveying His Universe
Aware of each passing moment
Of the creations He gave birth

So, awake from your slumbers
Be aware of your God-given choice
Soar your thoughts to the sky Be alert!
Learn to live in God’s voice.

For out of each wind’s whisper
Comes a voice so sweet and clear
When the birds on the wing, their praises of Him sing.
It’s only God’s voice you are hearing.

Be thankful for each new daybreak
Sing your praises in the dusk
Join in the ranks for Freedom
From our deep-seated crust.

Know you stand on hallowed ground
Keep your feet and your heart in hand.
Give love to those about you
Be a neighbor


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