Father Paul's
The Golden Force

Chapter 6: The Marriage in Peace


The number six is a good number and it is a good number for this chapter, as it represents a universal principle in the function of things; thus it should have a significance here. It is the number of the double triangle which stands for the function of Law on both planes. In other words, it is the Law of the triangle in function, on both the seen and the unseen planes of action -- in both worlds -- in the physical world and the world of God, as the religionist would say it, but we say in these two spheres of vibration, because it is really that way. Sounds cold, does it not?

Then the student says to me, "Are you trying to tell me that you are talking about a Great Creative Power that really works? You mean a real God?" and it is always to my dismay, for I am sure that I will never quite understand people that go to church, when they do not think that it is a real thing they are talking about. Yes, it is a real God, a functioning God!

For years I have been reading about peace and harmony, and how you find this peace and harmony. As I look back, it summed up in about two ways; one was by sitting in a silence, and the other was to have faith and confidence in God and develop patience by faith. These are wonderful ideas and both are things that will help in anyone’s inner development, this is certain; but does the problem lie in being quiet, or having faith? We are inclined to say neither of these are the basic motivators.

First let us look, can a person be peaceful and still not have harmony? The answer to this we believe is yes, for a person can, through futility of striving against a particular thing or condition, attain a certain tolerant point of acceptance with one's lot or situation, but this is not harmony.

Are you in harmony with a piece of music, or is it that you are not disturbed by it? Many people are tolerant of various kinds of music and sound. Because you do not blow your top when you hear it, this alone is not being in harmony with this particular rhythm or melody.

People eat three meals a day and are still hungry. If they were satisfied fully they would not want to eat every time they see food. Those who find this situation is existent in their life should look more closely for another reason why they feel this hunger.

When you sit down and rest, are you resting or are you just not moving at the present time? Is this resting? No, it is not-moving, but inside of these people they are under constant stress and every nerve is working. In order to rest there must be happiness and understanding of the body they are working in; they must like being in the body that they are in -- knowing it is a part of God.

To have peace and be at rest it is necessary to desire to be in the body they are in. For if this is not so, how can they be quiet and not disturbed, so that they may become better acquainted with their Great Intelligence within -- if they do not like the house they inhabit? It is a lot like a person with a new car; for a while it is the best car made, but he gets kind of used to it and then he looks around and sees another’s new make and right away s/he is dissatisfied and is no longer at peace with his/her car. The person wants one like Jim has.

Let us look at the book, The Prophet. Does he write of Peace? Answer: No! Many people are like a country, even like the United States. Today we would say we are at peace and that we are working at maintaining peace through the world, but are we at peace? Do we have a unity within our own national entity or boundary, within the nation itself? Are we happy with the governing body of this nation? Do we feel that we are one? Do we accept one another as a part of one body united and working together for a common good, or the welfare of all?

This is a slight idea of the blending of form, and force and action in the Universal pattern of things -- the way that the unity reaction is in the Universal pattern of things and the reaction itself, and to itself. The question is, Do we work in unison as one, or does one take the other along by force? Are you ready to work with the Creator in one concerted effort, without hesitation, and not only half-way? One cannot go halfway with the Creator: It -- Creative Mind -- goes all the way and so must you.

I believe that you will concede that the spiritual ego is one with the Omnipotent Force, and when attuned to harmonious vibrations with the Great Creator, possesses all the Power, its own physical environment and its surroundings, that have been attributed by the theologian to God.

This being a correct statement, the chief end of a person is to consciously possess the power to bring him or her self into harmonious vibrations. This done, s/he has solved the problem of living, sensing God and knowing God.

The purpose, the aim of the student in advanced philosophy today, should be not to learn a new philosophy but to make practical the one he knows to be true. Students are everywhere discussing theories of vibration and the new era, the new age and the Universal Law which governs all matter, all vibration. In short, they are discussing with words -- but are they actually working with these fundamental Laws of Vibration? Knowledge of this Law and how it passes thoughts of things through the atmosphere can only reach the intelligence of him whose atmosphere will permit it to pass through.

The wires are laid. You may connect your house or office with a wire and not be able to speak across it; you must have at each end a properly adjusted transmitter and receiver that may give and receive messages across the line. Also you must have a clear mind, a mind that has reached a true conclusion, a conclusion that God comes first in all things. You must have reached a conclusion that you, the physical you, are not satisfied with the results you have had so far -- by you doing it -- so you are going to let the Creative Force work through you.

Primarily, we start with an assumption that all life is one, that all intelligence is bound together by subtle unseen cords on which thought does travel, whether we know it or not. It is not my purpose here to offer any argument to prove the truth of this science which is so old and so new. Lao Tse, who wrote of Tao, the Chinese God, twenty-five hundred years ago, recognized it and declared that while Tao could not be defined, He could be appropriated. All great thinkers, even Lao Tse and since then, have agreed as to the oneness of life. All advanced thinkers of the present day start with the acceptance of the unity of life, and demonstrate it in a thousand ways, proving the truth of this mighty unity.

Accepting this, then, as true, we as individuals are desirous of coming into that state of knowing, that we are truly coming to know the inner being and the outer, and that we like the feel of them both -- that sense of completeness and balance -- and are happy to be with them, and not somewhere else or in an exotic or painful effort to sense their feelings. Happiness is the most profound way -- this is what unity means.

We hold that the realization of this state of vibration and filling your atmosphere with it, and then the pattern or picturing which you desire to be created, will cause to come into your world the things that you want in life now, not twenty years from now. During this state of vibration you will establish the connection with the outer world, and your atmosphere will complete the connection, and in will flow the desired things.

With the atmosphere correct, we need only to know how to pray in a scientific manner and the Great Creator will fill every desire and purpose of the mind. This is the gift of the Great One. Let the student remember that all wires are up and strung; all life is bound together by indestructible cords. He is not asked to establish new lines. They were all strung ages and ages ago and they are as universal and eternal as life.

It is fitting here to state that many times I have listened to the groups of sages and their profound recitals of the wisdom of the ages, and then had them come to me for help due to the lack of the knowledge of how to pray.

Their inadequacy was not caused by insincerity or lack of trying -- not at all. You must get in touch with yourself and establish your correct atmosphere in accordance with the world you want, and you will not have hair-raising experiences in the psychic world, or obsessions of a negative nature when you do it, for with this natural process you are functioning as the Great Creator built you to function.

It is peace without a price attached, peace of the most active kind, harmony without sound, sound without effort -- just knowing, knowing, knowing, that God and you are one, one, one. No, you cannot take that period away; it is there, for eternity.

Yes, the individual does control his/her own atmosphere. If you are a slave to the vague philosophy of heredity, environment or the stars, this claim of one’s absolutely controlling one's own atmosphere may not be accepted by you as by most people. However, we cannot enter into an argument here, because I do not intend to be so foolish as to try to defend the Great Creator, and God's limitless power of the Universe, when basically this is all there is of it. How can I defend my basic Self?

How can you as an individual, as a Christian, as a Jew or as any thought-group at all deny this last statement of mine and still say you believe in the Bible and Jesus’ teachings? It is like the hating of the Blck, or Yellow, or Red being, and then going to church on Sunday to teach the Son of God, or however you say it. To me, to get Spiritual Consciousness just from the words in books -- it is impossible. It is impossible to be on both sides of the fence at the same time. You either believe in the equality of all, or you do not.

The unity of the physical body and the spiritual or psychic body is a thing that goes on, on and on, because the Law of Cause and Effect, or the positive and negative, are always at work in the world of dense matter, as we call it; or is it so dense at all? No, it is not, if you look at it through the microscope. For instance, the substance of our body is substance which comes from the earth itself, and when you take something out of the natural pattern of the earth, the natural Law is at work the minute it is removed. Therefore, from the cradle to the grave it is being pulled back to the earth and trying to amalgamate itself to its natural environment in the earth.

You might say that it created you, and we would say yes, that is true. But remember that anything in earth and its atmosphere is a substance that has pattern which is in harmony with the rest of the natural creation of this world, and the wave length and vibration must be in resonance in order to have unity of action through which the Power of God can work and have its being.

Therefore the process of aging is the reaction of natural law at work, in the cosmic scheme of things, in the world atmosphere of ours. The ability to keep from aging is the ability to keep in tune with the source of Creative Power, and so it is essential that you must be in that state of which we spoke in the first part of the chapter, in order that you can transcend the law of nature in this world and become a Universal Being, in that Material Law does not affect you, but that you rely on the Universal law of this solar system, in order to sustain self. Then and then only are you drawing on the central source of power, and when you are through with it, disperse the elements and go your way.

You might say this is some mystical something, but do you believe that you have the power to create? You do? If you do, then you have to admit that you must have the power to disintegrate the same body. This is only just a straight logical conclusion, and we know that all this and all other things in nature are functioning on a strictly scientific principle, and not haphazard way of function. This must be so if you read the Christian Bible, for it says, "He is a just and righteous God." A just God could not work one way with this material or one person, and another way with the other person or substance. There must be a uniformity of functioning in the material Laws or He could not manifest here.

Let us go back to the first of the chapter in regard to the Marriage in Peace You have undoubtedly heard of the phrase, "Get yourself out of the way," and "Let go and let God." Well, this previous discussion shows you why it is necessary to have a Marriage of the two bodies in order to have inner peace, for inner peace means that the person has reached the point that he can sit and listen to the inner voice and the Great Mind of the Universe, when he gets quiet enough to let this voice be heard inside.

Let us say that in a specific person this marriage had not taken place, and he tried to do healings on himself. The bodies would not have a concurred effort, because they would not be looking to the Great Creative Power for the source of their strength. The atmosphere would be in a turmoil, and although generated by the person to attract a certain thing into his or her world, its potential would be so wasted in trying to overcome the confusion in one's atmosphere it would not be strong enough to bring the God Force to one and cause the manifestation to take place.

Once upon a time a man here said, "Love Thy Brother." He did not say if thy brother treated you the way you thought he should, but just plain Love Thy Brother -- no matter what he did. This certainly is a large order for us to do these days, when you find it necessary to do and say all things as if you might be beheaded the next minute for fear of having "crossed someone’s liver," as they say.

Then we hear someone say, "Well, that was all well and good for him to say that in those days," -- well, be informed that in those days it was not nice.

Back of each of these sayings is a finger pointing at the cause and a means of protection of oneself if he finds himself in one of these situations. The Great Creator never left you coming around third base without a coach on hand to see that you could make it home, and even run a little invisible interference for you if you need it, if you expect it.

He told you to love your brother, because this was putting up the strongest defense that this or any other world could give you. It may be invisible, quite true, but the force of the atomic bomb is invisible too. It is the same thing that Gandhi used to free India; it is the force of not accepting anything that you do not want to happen in your atmosphere. Here we have absolutely no fear and no resistance to evil, as you call it.

If you understand this you will know what to do with your bad aspects, if you follow astrology.

If you are a Jew you will understand your religion, and the mysteries will fade away. This takes the mystery out of the mysteries.

No matter whether you are Christian -- Yogi -- or of any religion or philosophy, there is a way to be Happy -- there is a way to live.

Let’s all live our lives in peace.




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