Father Paul's
The Golden Force

Chapter 8: Be Christed


Oh! Love You, Isn’t Love grand? It is the only way, through the Power of Love. If you have not Love, you are but a tinkling cymbal...We could go on with this line of quotations for the rest of the space allotted to this chapter and still say nothing, just the same as the hundreds of other writings and beautiful words. They are all true, but do you understand what they mean? For years the writer did not, he asked questions of the speakers, learned men of theology, and many other good men, but somehow as the speakers started to answer they always seemed to duck around the corner.

We give you a new definition of love, which is what the in this age we are expected to do -- manifest Love.

Do you love this poor street girl enough to throw your arm around her and say, "Come with me and we will get you something to eat," and take her into a restaurant and sit down with her and not feel a difference between her and you, and not look out of the corner of your eye to see who is watching you, or if they are? Yes, you will tell me that they are the same, but deep down within you the action of mass mind is taking its toll in your internal reactions. You are not quite comfortable, but do you feel the same as you do to your own daughter? You are going to say, "How could I, they are not my kinfolks." Remember, you have only one kinfolk and that is the whole race of mankind. That kind of Love is not so easy, is it? For it is Christ’s Brand.

How much do you love the man you married, when you come home after a day at the office and you are preparing supper, and he comes over to you to show his affection? Do you say, "Go away, I’m getting supper!"? Maybe you would like to get dinner alone and spend the evening alone. It can happen to you and is going to unless you start to really show the Christ love spiritually, mentally, and physically to your mate. Christ manifests on both planes of action. After all, this is your world, and the things that you disregard -- people, facts and things which you do not accept -- will slip out of your atmosphere.

Then some sunny day you come to and say, "Where is John whom I lived with? I always washed his clothes and ironed his shirts, and yes, I cooked our meals too. Why did he leave?... Well, I’ll get a divorce." -- the old favorite. I have news for you -- a piece of paper and an allotment check each month is damn poor company on holidays and evenings, when you have reached (emotional and mental) maturity. After spending many nights in the bars -- good and bad ones -- you still have no real friends, except the Great One.

Now this goes for men as well as women, and some of the clomping around some men do and their approach to their mate, in either a mental or physical way, is pretty stupid. Of course they have never been taught in their homes as young men because their fathers or both parents were too busy chasing money for the family. Actually, what the family needed was some real Love. The Love that says, "I’ll go without a new hair-do so John can go to a night class he wants," (or something of that sort.)

Love is doing something because the other fellow likes it that way, or it may be that you would do something which you might be misunderstood in, but you know that it is for the other person and that you can do no other way or thing because you do love them. Love is the setting of the Law of Cause and Effect into action, consciously, without taking into consideration your personal preference, because of your feeling -- your divine relationship with the other person or idea, whether you originated it or not. In other words, you are doing what you God would, if Self could have complete freedom of your body and mind to express here. This is why the Roman Catholic Church says you cannot love anything which does not have life.

There is and has been for many years a spreading of a teaching which cast a lewd light on the relations of a man and woman even when under what some people call the "bonds of wedlock." Don’t you like that word wedlock? It expresses a lot of freedom, does it not? It seems that somewhere I have heard that to thine own self be true, or you cannot be true to any other man. How true to any other man -- how true can you be to yourself when in bondage or wedlock? Yes, you can be true to the one you Love, because when you really Love you will give up anything except your relationship between yourself and God.

With real Love the Christ Force is flowing between you both in the form of the Great Life Force.

We use the term really mated because real mating starts in the mind of the two people, and a complete and beautiful interchange of thought exists. Of course the mind is and has its function for the Creative Power of God which manifests as psychic force, and it is given life by using the Christ force, that is to say, the thoughts and forms of the mind by use of the Christ Force have manifestation in working on the psychic force. This is the way you obtain your sensation for one another.

The relations between man and woman are patterned by and created by God.

Remember the ones who decry the Love of man and woman -- look close and you will undoubtedly observe that they have been what we call "unlucky in Love." It is a natural truth that misery likes company -- don’t forget this.

When one starts to tell you in order to become an evolved soul you must give up all of this -- all of this evil, this low base part that God created of man, and that this is only for the purpose of bringing children into the world; well if this is true, I know a lot of pretty saintly folks that are going to keep me company in hell. But I am not correcting that statement, for these people are the real creative people on this plan of action and are really manifesting God in action -- not just talking of metaphysical persons. They are out working amongst the people in need and people who want to know.

What does all of this mean? It means that in all things we must let the Christ Force work through us and if man and woman surrender to each other with all their Love, keeping the Great Father-Mother God first, they will know real marriage, the marriage of two Souls through the two Great Forces of the Universe, the God and the only begotten son (man).

Forget your past and remember the future by keeping your eyes on the light -- walk with God and your mate. Remember marriage is made in Heaven, not in or at the license bureau. Don’t forget to Love all men and women, and the last one is very difficult for a woman to do.

Look within for the light and be guided by the true answers, if you will let go of all bug-a-boos. Forget your imaginary hurts -- that is, most of the hurts are just ego bumps. What if someone did speak a little sharply, perhaps they were not even conscious of it, and what good are you going to get by remembering? Did you have a lover’s quarrel? Forget it and remember God, for you will get better results by using your strength that way, and your time is better spent.

Let the light of God shine through you and the Christ Force give the light of life. It will be a vibrant, dynamic moving beacon of true guidance for the others of mankind. Forget those petty things of your contacts with other people and Love them. Let you Christ Light reach out to them.

Do not carry your feelings around on your sleeve; and remember that you are one with the Great One. Remember that the man of Galilee was no woebegone figure. He was a powerful man of both a physical and spiritual nature. He was Christed -- so can you be. There are many people wandering around trying to worship this Great Master and that Great Master, but are doing nothing about the master within.

Our basic verse (1 Cor. 15:2) reveals that St. Paul saw the Spiritual-psychological approach to life and its "problems" and "related" himself to "The Christ" (The Divine Self, the Divine Consciousness, "I AM") -- not to his province, or his family, or the year or conditions; thus, he worked from "That." A man wanted to have a silence. He said, "I want to hold to ‘that’ more and more!" Of course, what he really wanted was to "engraft" his "human" attention into "that."

We are all by nature friendly and it is our nature to continue to enjoy "people and things," but first let us remember to relate our attention to "that" which is our wisdom, our supply, our immutable joy.

No matter how beautiful our outer environment -- we are supposed to enjoy it and appreciate it, yes, but let us continue to "depend upon" the soul, "I AM."

The many conveniences of today and the helpful conditions may tempt us to believe that our "prosperity" depends upon "the time" or "the place," etc., rather than upon that Individuality which is "the same yesterday, today and forever."

When we are "At Home" (consciously) we have all good.

"Prosperity -- All Good"

Then if we think back as to the old conventional teachings, "The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost." The phrase that every boy, man, woman and child of most any age can repeat to you, and still few ever have the concept of the true meaning of the words they repeat.

Sunday after Sunday they hear the good Pastor or Priest repeat the words, "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen." Little knowing that in these three words lie the missing link to most people’s happiness, and strength. If the underlying meaning were to be taught by the teachers, Priest and Ministers there would not be the crime and sadness in the world in general -- this, the real basic and spiritual function of the Great Creative Force in action.

The positive Law, the thing which the Master, Jesus, tried to tell the people of when he said, "As a man thinks so is he" is not this a wonderful revelation, to know that by your very thinking you may condition yourself so that your life will be more smooth and full of the things you want and need, and that your physical body will manifest a more delightful zest for movement and action all along the line, and this will done by knowing that your word will be fulfilled.

I ask you, do you think Jesus would lie? I don’t, and I know that what he said was the truth. Do you think that the Great Creative God would put us here without a way to cope with the world we live in, to be in want and alone? No! No! -- No! How could I love a God like that -- but did God not in the Ten Commandments say "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind"?

Forgetting old error, start to release the beautiful part of God’s creation, for all of what God created should bring joy and happiness to us. What condition is your joy point -- Joy Christ Consciousness?

What is the state, or do you have a state of Joy Point? Yes, you do, it is this very moment, for you are not going to be happy the next moment if you are not happy now, or at least decide to be happy. Now on -- Rejoice, now is a new body, new working patterns, new ideas and above all a New Clear Channel to receive this -- A new Life Force.

No sick thought, no poor thought, just boundless strength, health and supply.

First Corinthians 3:16 -- "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and the Spirit of God dwelleth within you?"

Our bodily or personal Universe, the condition of it is the result of projection of our thinking and our words -- our use of the Universal Creative Force (God -- Allah) the potential Energy within us, round us. What a glorious Freedom it gives us, when we understand that there is but One Mind, the Mind that each calls their own; and that this force through the Son/Sun give us life, joy and love.


The Christ made manifest - The Great Gift

Not more of Life, Oh Master, do I ask,

But Thy Presence ever near to feel

Not better Sight But better ears to hear,

The Cosmic Voice to be ever near,

I need not courage when Thy Presence I do feel,

For I live and have my being in Thy Mind, year by year.

But one gift do I ask, This is service with a task.

Never ending until the time

When I leave this earthly vehicle behind.

Then to rest and start anew

To help some other that has but few

Of these precious gifts Thou givest Me,

Love, Wisdom and Charity.






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