Father Paul's
The Golden Force

Chapter 9: The Way of the Son (Sun)


Oh Earth, Oh! Earth! Thy beauty! Where is the Son of God this night? Outside it is raining and it is a much-needed rain. Is it not proof that the Great Law works? The Force, the God Force works, if you will let it. The great power will be in action any time we are sure we are and know that we want this or that.

This night we ask you that age-old question: "Do you really want to know the truth of this Universe?"

Do you want to take the responsibility of knowing? Do you want to use it if you are taught better ways to think? It is better not to know the truth and do nothing than to know the truth and do nothing. For it will catch up with you. And the results of inactivity are not always good for an individual, you will be in turmoil.

Do you want to set your foot on the path of attainment? Do you really want to realize the magnitude of this Universe of the Great God in All glory. Do you want to reach the realization that the Universe is yours to roam, if you are here in the physical body or after you pass through transition?

"I am the way, the truth and the light," said Jesus. All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.

All of the aspirations of the whole human race are really directed toward ennobling the beings, so that God may be glorified here, lifting us from the sphere of mere physical existence to the freedom of limitlessness. An unlimited beign with unlimited power, unlimited strength and unlimited supply of things that we needs for the perfect expression of the Great Creator, here and anywhere, in this Universe.

The Way is a direct path so broad and so narrow that it encompasses all beings, becoming and relating to the divinity of all being. It requires certain accomplishments by the individual and certain development of both the physical and unseen bodies with a real consciousness of the tremendous power which we were endowed with by the Great Creator.

One of these concepts is the equality of all and the feeling of amalgamation of him - or herself with the most undeveloped, as well as the highest intellect or spiritually evolved being -- regardless of race, creed, or color. This is not just a tolerating of these people; it is the feeling of Love for them and a realization of their divinity. It is the feeling of no difference between you and anyone of another race, gender or oreintation. It is the readiness to put all on an equal basis on this physical plane as well as on the spiritual plane.

One of the other things that must be accomplished is being ready, at any time, any hour or at any place, to give anything you have to give, in time, money and work. Of course you do so without idea of profit, with an eagerness to serve, knowing that "as you do it unto one of these, you do it to me also."

Another one of the things which is necessary for him that would be of service is to be able to teach objectively, no matter what the one you are trying to help says or does. They may apparently leave you in rebellion but you must know that they are in their spiritual being perfect and a son or child of God, the same as the one who is apparently working diligently to change and correct his/her life.

You must see them, their being, and know that they will return to glorify the Great Creative power of the Universe and become a shining light.

When you are ready to put your foot on the Way, you are ready to walk with the tools and work with the tools the Great Creator has given you. Work with them and walk the face of the earth anywhere and everywhere among friends or those that think they do not like you, without fear or want. Walk in joy and be full of gladness to serve God and all alike. Walk toward the point of the rising Son of the Illumination which gives you the Universal freedom to be in the service of healing and taking of the Christ to yourself, and the bringing of the power within, and thus performing the great function of Love. The Love of God in all Glory -- the Glory of the Universe and all of the Universal movements of the sphere, which means the controlling of your own sphere by putting into your own atmosphere the shining glory of the Great God.

Yet while living on this plane of action, and being conscious of the other world, at the same time of the glory of the freedom, of the freedom to accept a man or woman as he or she is and Loving all. And yet see or be able to see the little error they commit without it affecting your feeling toward them. Whether it be a personal and special individual in your life, such as a wife or a sweetheart -- and at the same time feeling the over-all Love of the being, as you should feel toward all people. Being able to accept the slap of the dearest one, or the student, and not feel any reaction. In other words, you have gotten yourself out of the way by disciplined scientific prayer.

The slap may be a slap performed in many ways; it could be the telling of stories about you, it could be anger displayed to you and it could be a real slap. It might be most anything. The Way is long, the road is steep, the work is great, but the eventide and its thoughts are well worth the effort of the day. The smile of the one that was ill is like harmony of the spheres to you. In it is the motivation for tomorrow, but then it will only be today.

Each time you slip just turn around and look, then say, "Well , God, we didn’t quite make it this time, but that is finished and done." Once more turning your head to the light, perhaps not knowing just how you will make it except through the power of God working through you, and that this knowledge of the Law, is all you need because that is all there is to work with.

Look to the light ahead, look not to the right or left when troubled but look ahead, see that one -- another striving ahead in the distance in the shining armor of light, it is and can shine through you also if you will let go and let God be the power and principal force, regardless of what you see around you.

It is the path of the ancient alchemist; it is the path of humility because it is the path of power you see, humility and power are the opposite poles of the Great Force.

We reach the great hallway of time, so to speak, for up to now we have a more or less open road with a limited view, but we see, as from afar off, the Way. As we walk along we seem to enter a long passage in the side of a mountain, and things seem to form a wall, and our path seems to flow into a passageway and I find myself hemmed in by walls, and there is only one way ahead. The way is dim and the light does not seem to come through as it did, but I walk on because I have sighted once the lighted way.

Walking seems more difficult and my friends seem to have left me. The ones I have always looked to no longer seem interested in me or my welfare, for there does not seem to be anyone ahead and the ones I saw before have disappeared. I am alone.

I ache for someone to talk with in the understanding way, but the ones closest seem to turn their backs. The body is not the springy one I have always known. I have aches and pains and yet they do not seem real, for in the center of my being is a great gaping chasm, so vast it seems to be impossible to fill. Even when I pray, it only brings tears and the flow of the Great Force which is like a mighty river, but it seems to be flowing into the bottomless pit never to be filled as it was before.

Now I look up, and then what seems ages later I see a doorway, but instead of a lighted doorway it is totally dark. After much travel I reach it, and it is devoid of all light. How am I going to get to the Way beyond -- for I feel it must be there. I am certain that I took the right fork in the road back there.

I think and then realize that there is but one way to get my footing beyond. I must have and know that what is beyond is the Way I seek, the path of Illumination. I must step through the door without seeing what I step on. I must know that I have within me the power of choice and the Great Creative Force working through me which will uphold me and sustain me until I am on the Way I seek. Oddly enough, the power of the Great God is all that ever held me up all the way along through life. This for sure is all that will ever uphold me and sustain me, now that I reach the Way. All that can sustain me on the Way is the Great Power, the freedom of choice I have.

So I at last pray and reach a decision, knowing that God is everywhere; so I put one foot through the door, cautiously at first, but feel no footing. Then it is that I realize that if I am to be sustained by God's power I must release all and pass through the door, without looking backward or without seeing the results of where I am stepping -- without a psychic view of the future -- or my knowledge of the Power will not work.

At last, after much delay, the die is cast and on the premise of the Great Law I step through the door then, to my surprise, in the full light of day, and I stand with my face to the sun and as I look off to the right and to the left, there is an unlimited horizon.

The Universe spreads off before me! It is a little overwhelming, but I know that the Great One is always at my side, for there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

This is the dawn of the new day. Now I can look along the Way and see there are many travelers on it -- men and women, young and old -- all with the same happy faces and the same joy in their hearts, and the sun streams down and my strength returns -- but now it is unlimited.

This is the road of the Masters, not master of others, but Masters of self, for the Glory of God and the fellowship of all. Music now reaches my ears. It is not like other music but the music of the hearts of the free, people of destiny, the servants of All who are in the service of the creation of Love in the World, serving with the Great Creative Power -- the great God Power of this Universe.

Come, join us, we need more workers than ever before, here are countless millions to serve, millions to heal. Perhaps you are one of them -- you shall not go unserved if you ask our help.

This is the new age and the glory of all the Universe is now in the balance, as far as this world is concerned. There is a Way; it is not Catholic, Protestant or Jew, it is the Way of the Great One.

With this we give you the blessing of the Great One by accepting for you that you are a god, and for all the peace and forgetfulness of the past, that you may accept the Christ Power within you; for we knowingly started our involution into dense matter and we are now evolving out of dense matter.




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