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This book was reprinted by the Epiphany Press of the Holy Order of MANS (HOOM), in 1972. In 1988 when the HOOM went Orthodox, those in charge destroyed all of the HOOM books they could find. However, many sisters and brothers and priests, who left the HOOM, rather than join orthodoxy, kept the writings close and so they still survive. While some of the teachings today, may be considered dated, they still hold kernels of truth and so this book The Golden Force is presented here. According to some, this book was an oral transmission given by Father Paul to teach the basics of atmosphere control and rudimentary metaphysics. Others say, it is a copy of an older book. Chapter 10 is especially dated, however the underlying metaphysics provide good food for thought. When I first read this book as a young student, I had a spiritual experience --- so might you. Enjoy! Jessika

The logo at top is the symbol of the Holy Order of MANS. The picture below is a NASA pic. Both have been adapted by Jessika: copyrights are asserted 2010 infinitum

Father Paul's: The Golden Force

Dedicated to All Who Seek Truth

There is deep within a shrine
An altar of flamed with Light
From which well forth such thoughts divine
Such beauty; words of Truth, God-sent;
As make one think to bend the knee
Not as a man, the temple, or the house;
But unto That, God's Flame which burns in thee.


1. Our Atmosphere
2. We and Our Universe
3. Growth
4. The Law of Psychic Unfoldment
5. The Golden Force
6. The Marriage in Peace
7. Universal Law of the Creative Mind
8. Be Christed
9. The Way of the Son (Sun)
10. The Ocean of Sex God - Man - Woman
11. The Blind Man Sees
12. Consciousness
. How Much Do You See?

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