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Selected Passages of
The Gospel of Thomas

Adapted by Jessika


Text Sources

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Michael Grondin

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Selection from Robert J. Miller, ed., The Complete Gospels: Annotated Scholars Version. (Polebridge Press, 1992, 1994).

Original translation by the Berlin Working Group for Coptic Gnostic Writings.


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Fra Angelico:
The Mocking of Christ
The Transfiguration

William Bouguereau:
Translated Young Priestess.1902
Translated title: A Soul in Heaven. 1878
Irene. 1897
Translated The difficult lesson 1884
The Assault
Vierge Consolatrice

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones:
The Annunciation
Day ?

Frederic Leighton:

Bernardino Luini:
Christ disputing with the Doctors
Mary Magdalene

The Cumean Sybil

John Everett Millais:
The Bridesmaid

Dante Gabriel Rossetti:
The Lady of the Flame

Andrea del Sarto: Christ the Redeemer

Diego Rodriguez de Silva Velázquez:
The Supper at Emmaus

Bartolomeo Vivarini:
Christ Enthroned

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