The Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary

For Both Men and Women


by Rt.Rev. Jessika Lucas, M.A., R.O

The Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary
of The Gnostic Order of Christ evolved over a number of years. This order first had its beginnings in a revelation from Mary, received through Father Paul Blighton, the founder and Director General of The Holy Order of MANS, on Christmas Day, 1972.

While in meditation with Mary, he received the direction to found two sub-orders of the Holy Order of MANS: The Immaculate Heart Sisters of Mary for women and the Brown Brothers of the Holy Light for men for those men and women who felt a specific calling to devotion and work with Mary in healing ministries.
The message indicated that both Mother Ruth Blighton, the Mother of the Order and Master M Marian Linda Carter, also known as Master M would direct the training of the sisters and that Master M would act as the sub-order's first Sister Superior. Master M eventually came to be called Mother Marian (below).
The mission of the IHSM and BBHL members was to develop a selfless attitude through devotion to Mary through service work in healing ministries. The orders functioned under the Holy Order of MANS for approximately 10 years, but passed out of existence entirely when the Holy Order of MANS converted to orthodoxy in 1988.
In the interim, in 1976, I met Mother Marian at the headquarters of the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Mary when it was headquartered in Chicago (the Headquarters were later moved to St. Louis). At the time, I was a lay member of the HOOM Christian Community of Chicago (right). I was going through a difficult time in my life and when I met her, I requested a healing blessing from her. Following, I spent a week at The Mary House in a meditative retreat.
At the end of that year, Mother Marian left The Holy Order of MANS and entered secular life. A year later, we resumed our teacher-student relationship and over a number of years became long-distance friends. I lived in California and she in Oregon. We communicated through letters and phone calls, and on occasion we visited with one another.
Meanwhile, in 1977, just prior to my moving from Chicago to San Jose, CA, I had a vision of Mary in a dream in which Mary called me by the name Jessika. In 1978, after having been in San Jose for a year or so, I requested that a HOOM priest administer life vows to God to me and change my name to Jessika. He kindly assented in a private communion. Thereafter, I continued to live a secular life, raised my family, worked, went to college, and continued in my spiritual studies and devotion; meanwhile, my relationship with Mother Marian strengthened. During this time, our priest left the area, and I had no means to receive communion in our tradition, and so, Mother Marian authorized me to begin serving communion, and my training as a priest began.
In January of 1984, I went to visit Mother Marian, and after lengthy conversations concerning my spiritual work and life, Mother Marian through The Holy Spirit and a laying on of hands, blessed me with a Mantle for my Work and in addition blessed me with a Mantle of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Mary. Soon after, I was also ordained as an Independent Bishop of The Sacred Order of the Episcopate of Jesus Christ, also known as the "Wandering Bishops".
In the following year, in 1985, Mother Marian tragically passed from this life. I mourned her loss for many years. The blessings I had received stayed with me; however, I did not think very much about the second blessing of the Sisterhood, even though while performing mass spontaneously, the Mary Blessing I had received began to pass through me unto others, both to ordained men and woman, and as well, to those not ordained. In reflection, it seems that with each passing, Mary's blessing seemed to become stronger.
The years passed and in June of 1998, I attended a Devi Bhava ceremony given by Amma, also known as Ammachi(Mata Amritanandamayi-left) who is sometimes called the hugging saint, and who is revered as an embodiment of the Divine Mother. The ceremony involves attending a convocation of people and standing in line to be individually and personally hugged by her. Before hugging a person, Amma blesses the person's forehead and while hugging, whispers a chant in the person's ear. When my time came, and she chanted in my ear, the vowel sounds of her voice evoked strongly a vivid memory of the Mantle of the Sisterhood that I had received some years before and I re-experienced the blessing, but in a fullness I had not felt before.
The intensity of the blessing received though Amma motivated me to perform a series of meditations with Mary. Following, at the time of the First Convocation of The Gnostic Order of Christ, in January of 1999, my dear friend M. Mary Elizabeth attended and shared with me her experiences of Mother Mary. The unfoldment of my meditations were further enhanced through our interactions and prayers together. We both expressed our desire to focus as a part of our ministries service to Mary. However, questions arose.
Were we to do this separately or together? Were we to found one order or two? Were the orders to be for men and-or women? What was the form to be? What were the name or names of the orders to be?
The confusion was cleared away when Mary Elizabeth and I meditated separately. On April 15, 1999, I received that the blessing I had received, of The Immaculate Heart Sisters of Mary, was to be carried on by revising the term "Sisters", in the name Immaculate Heart Sisters to Servants so that both men and women might share in the blessing, and thus, the name for the order and lineage became The Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary. I also received the blessing was to be given to those who were ordained who had specific missions with Mary, as well as to those in the secular world having a special calling to devotion to Mary.
Mary Elizabeth received to found her own order. She called it Mary's Way. She has since passed on and the order dissolved.

Since 1999, however, many have received the Blessing of Mary through the Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary, both ordained and secular.