The Auric Egg Exercise


Symbology and the Auric Egg Exercise

Western Spiritual schools call seeing and or experiencing the presence of the Light within, the Illumination. The Illumination is sometimes symbolized by the egg. The shape and structure of the egg symbolizes our self, our soul and our natural personal space, our aura. The egg has been used as a symbol for Enlightenment for ages; it is not known how long ago it first became used to for this purpose.

The Auric Egg Exercise is for the development of the ability to visualize and increase the Inner Light of the Soul which surrounds the Self at the center of our Spritual Body. The exercise not only increases the Light within, but also helps to bring us into balance within our own personal auric space; the exercise quiets the mind, and brings us into a state of peace.

The Auric Egg Exercise is a good opening exercise to do before any meditation session and may be said to be essential in gaining balance and control over one's personal space or atmosphere or aura. Continue...