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Meditation: The Auric Egg Exercise & Symbology

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The symbol at left was formerly used by The Holy Order of MANS. In the past, the symbol has been used in some systems to designate the root chakra, located in the physical body at the base of the spine. The root chakra is a generator of energy in the physical body and a source of Light in the Initiation of Illumination.

The symbol of The Gnostic Order of Christ is a variation of this symbol signifying enlightenment and the compassion that is a result of full enlightenment. The White Rose symbolizes the pure compassion of the enlightened being who has opened the heart.

In Illumination, light and energy rise from the root chakra through the chakras above, up and through the brain and various organs of the physical body; the spiritual body is filled with light during this initiation and the physical body is totally energized.

The mind becomes Illumined and the presence of God is felt. Often the being's mind and thoughts are completely transformed and spiritualized as the being recognizes s/he is eternal. In full Illumination a corresponding shift in consciousness occurs and one becomes aware of the presence of God and the Life and Light in all things.

The Cross at the center of the Square, Circle and Triangle represents in part, the Illumined Being. The arms of the cross represent the positive and negative polarities. The Cross, elevated above the center of the cross at the heart, represents the Spirit of the Law: Love and Compassion; spiritual principles and experience are balanced by Love and Compassion. The symbols within this symbol have many more meanings. Only some of the meanings are further enumerated in the following.

The esoteric significance of the symbol above is the Squaring of the Circle and is one of many symbols that refer to Spirituality and Illumination. In geometry, a Circle and a Square may not have the same area in terms of exact measurement; there is no way to Square the Circle exactly by geometrical methods. The Square may be measured exactly, however in measuring a Circle, we use the mathematical equation Pi which equates with a a number which has no definite end; therefore the square may never contain exactly the area of the circle and vice versa.

Esoterically, the symbol represents the inability of the Divine, represented by the Circle to be exactly reproduced in the Earth plane, represented by the Square.

The Circle: On the micro-cosmic level, t
he symbol of the dot and the circle represent the Soul and the Self. On the macro-cosmic level this symbol represents God. The dot at the center represents the transcendent unknowable and the source of all life. The outer circle is the Logos, that which is the manifested creation and may be known. The circle may be infinitely expanded and still remain a circle. Therefore the outer circle represents Creation and God as infinite. The space between the dot and the outer circle represents the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit all comes into manifestation. This symbol is only one means of defining the Holy Trinity.

Another symbol used to represent the Holy Trinity is the Triangle. The Triangle represents God in activity, the three faces of God and has numerous other meanings. From the source of all life, the Logos comes into manifestation, through the Holy Spirit.

God may be placed at the top of the Triangle as the source of all. The Logos would be located at the second point of the Triangle. The Logos is the aspect of the Sun/Son or that which is tangible, that which may be known in manifestation; what we may experience and know of God.

The Holy Spirit is the essence and presence of God, the Spirit of God, through which all comes into manifestation. The Holy Spirit may be most easily understood in terms of inspiration, inspired thought, and as the felt Presence of God. The Holy Spirit holds, you might say, the Divine Patterns of Creation.

The Triangle is a result of a part of the attempt to square the Circle. In any event, on another level the Triangle refers to the Divine Trinity (see below). The Triangle is known to be one of the most stable forms. An example of the Triangles stability may be noted in the existence of the Pyramids of Egypt. How long have they stood and how long will they stand?

The Square represents the physical manifestation of God and the elements fire, air, earth, and water, the four directions and just about anything else where four is a number, but first of all the Square represents Matter. The Circle divided into four is the symbol of the physical world itself; the circle with four quadrants is in fact used to represent the Earth in astrology. The Square represents that which has form.

The ovoid or the Egg is also a rendition of the Cube of Space which may be expanded infinitely. The Cube of Space may be studied through the Kabbala. The attributes or concepts related to the Cube of Space enumerate the attributes of all of Creation.

Part of the purpose of the Auric Egg Exercise is to use Light to become more in tune with the mind of God. An influx of greater light equates with Truth and Higher Thought. Through our spiritual practice, we may manifest our divinity more fully by allowing more and more light to come through us into the world.

We may not be able to become the totality God, but we may become the Sun/Sons [in the beginning we were genderless; all of us were Adamah] of God; we may come closer to God. The Cube represents the Soul in manifestation with God. The Cube of Space may also expand infinitely in all directions. The dot at the center represents the Divine Point of Consciousness, the source.

As we grow in consciousness over the course of our lives, the Soul opens itself to receive more light and as it does a cascade effect takes place from the real source of the light, the Inner Self of the being, the God Self. Light cascades from the Self through the spiritual body into the physical body and conscious awareness increases. The person is uplifted into another level of vibration. The full manifestation of Illumination in consciousness is the manifestation of loving kindness.

The Initiation of Illumination is symbolized in Western Art by coronas surrounding the heads of saints. In the East the Illumination is sometimes symbolized by the Hooded Cobra surrounding the heads of saints or by flames appearing above the head of the saint. One who has spiritual sight may see the aura and corona in one who is illumined, brillianized, as in the picture of Mary Magdalene at the top of this page. The purpose of the Auric Egg exercise is to teach us balance and prepare us consciously for the initiation of Illumination.Next....

A Good Book on the subject of Sacred Geometry (I haven't done the exercises, but the graphics and the information are terrific):

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by John Michael Greer


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