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Part of the story of Mary and Jesus is represented here through the story of Easter with readings from the New Testament, short meditations and art. Click on the pictures for larger versions. *At the bottom of each reading is a corresponding passage for meditation.

A Note About the Art
The art has come from various places.. The pictures have all been edited to enhance color and clear away imperfections; therefore the color may not appear as originally painted by the artist as, without originals no comparison could be made. The sources are to many list. If anyone holds a copyright to any of the pictures or knows the name of an artist please notify The artist's name is listed if I know of it.

The Christian Mysteries

The Story
of Mary and Jesus has its root in the ancient past, but is still relative today. In the Western Tradition, the events of the lives of Mary and Jesus have their corollary in the inner journey that we all take in this life. The Journey is initiatory. Initiations are a part of life. Initiations are significant experiences we have in life that cause a shift in consciousness. In some western traditions, initiations are celebrated in worship.

In the Esoteric Western tradition Mary and Jesus are perceived as as World Teachers. Mary and Jesus lived and died in this world. It is our experience that because they lived here, their consciousness is a part of our consciousness. We may contact that consciousness through meditation and prayer and receive guidance and comfort. They experienced both the joys and sorrows of this world. There are arguments about how they actually lived, whether or not Jesus was married, etc., but these arguments lose importance when we consider their lives in the Light of their having been world Teachers.

In another Light, the story of Mary and Jesus provides personal comfort and inspirational knowledge of the journey we all take and The Mysteries of the life experiences we all have. When we meditate upon the symbolic meaning and contact the presences of Mary and Jesus, we may gain an awareness of the Great Love and Compassion of the Spirit of God; we may become aware of the sacred and the journey we all take in Awakening to a Greater Consciousness.

In the story of the lives of Mary and Jesus and their experiences, we may receive a personal message... As we delve into the story of their lives in terms of the Great Search and the Sacrifices these Beings made for the World and for Truth, we come to understand intimately what The Journey really means for us, and the world in which we live. As we meditate and pray, our own journey takes on a new meaning as new awareness of aspects of our beings and experiences arise, aspects that seek to express Love, Compassion and Consciousness in this world.

Meditation on these stories sometimes gives us the means to put aside our own confusion and suffering and understand the pain and suffering of others so that we see apparent problems from another perspective. We may be given a new understanding and new hope.

The Western Tradition states that the inner drive to find the truth and act upon it is innate and is the result of the force of the Logos-the Son of God within-that each of us is, and the need of the God within to express through the Logos. The spirit of each of us is a reflection of the Great Spirit-the Holy Spirit of God.

The Path is about manifesting the Consciousness of Christ ourselves, and as we travel along the Path, also called the Way and the Path of Enlightenment, we have experiences on a soul level that result in the transformation of ourselves into Christed beings.

What is it to be Christed? "Christ, is a Greek term found in the Greek version of the Old Testament, called the Septuagint. In Hebrew, the verb is actually mashakh, meaning "to anoint." In early Israel the custom of anointing signified the endowment of the person with the qualification for an exalted office. The term Christ was applied not only to priests, but also to kings, prophets, and patriarchs. In time, the term came to mean the redeemer and restorer of the Jewish nation. In the New Testament, Christ, as a common noun and as a proper name, generally refers to Jesus of Nazareth."
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Alternate terms for the designation Christ are:
God the Son, second person of the Trinity, Word, Logos, Son of God, the Only Begotten, Word made Flesh, Incarnate Son, Messiah, Son of David, rod of Jesse, the Lord's Anointed, Christ Immanuel, Lamb of God, Son of Man, Man of Sorrows, Son of Mary, Jesus, Jesu, Jesus Christ, Holy Infant, Christ Child, Child of Bethlehem, Jesus of Nazareth, the Nazarene, the Galilean, the Good Shepherd, Savior, Redeemer, Friend, Lord, Master Rock of Ages, Bread of Life, True Vine, the Way, the Truth, the Life, Light of the World, Son of righteousness, King of Kings, King of Heaven, King of Glory, Prince of Peace
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When we look back in time, the ancient teachers seemed to have understood that that the Trinity was a means of symbolically describing the aspects of a God in terms of a Macrocosm- that which cannot be fully understood, reflected in the Microcosm-that which can be understood. God may be understood through the Great Trinity, the first aspect - the Father-Mother God or the Creator, the second aspect- the Logos or Son-the Soul, and the third aspect - the Holy Spirit, the source of all sacred wisdom.

The characters of our Western story and what happens to them are universal. Mary and Jesus manifested the story of the inner journey on a world level in real life. Mary represents the wisdom aspect of the soul, the divine feminine, the source of all inner knowledge, inspiration- the Holy Spirit of each of us. The divine feminine is always present to console and guide us on our journey. The soul is taught by the Spirit-the Divine Sophia-represented by Mary.

Jesus Christ represents the conscious soul on its journey to become Christed. His life is about the sacrifices and experiences we all have as a result of living in this world, as we seek a greater consciousness and to manifest the divine aspects of our beings. It is the false ego or the false mind and beliefs that are sacrificed, not the real Ego- the Soul.

Mary and Jesus and the disciples, and every character in the story of Jesus, on a microcosmic allegorical level may be seen as symbolic of various parts of ourselves. The process of the awakening of the real Ego or Soul or Logos to the truth and the sacrifice that we must make in order to internalize the truth and free ourselves from the false idea that we are separate from God is represented by Jesus.

This new awareness or revelation causes great changes in the physical, emotional and psyche or psychic (meaning mind) and spiritual bodies of the being. We experience spiritual experiences through life. These include the whole range of human emotions from joy and ecstasy to pain and sorrow.

In the esoteric tradition, it is explained to us, that we all go through Minor and Major Initiations. In the Greater Initiations, we experience first an Awakening-the awareness there is more than what apparent, then Illumination-the process of acquiring knowledge, Truth and Light, followed by Self Realization- the knowing that we are a part of God, and finally we come to God Realization-the knowing that we are Sons of God and conscious creators made in the image of God and sharing consciousness with God. Both the Minor and the Major initiations are represented in the story of Mary and Jesus Christ.

As you can see from the text above, the idea that Jesus Christ was THE Son of God is not a tenet of the Western Tradition, however, it is our hope and that meditation upon these pages may bring comfort and understanding to all whatever one may believe.

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