The Christian Mysteries

The Journey to Calvary &
The 14 Stations of the Cross

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Introduction | The Gospel of John

Jesus Angers the Authorities
Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead

Palm Sunday

Christ's Triumphant Entry to Jerusalem
Jesus Cleanses the Temple
The Betrayal
The Last Supper: Salvador Dali
Judas Departs
Christ Washes the Feet of the Disciples
Maundy Thursday
The Garden of Gethsemane
Good Friday
Jesus is Crucified:
The 14 Stations of the Cross

I. Jesus is Condemned to Death II. Jesus Bears His Cross
III. Jesus Falls the First Time:
Bruegal the Elder
IV. Jesus Meets His Mother
V. Jesus is Helped by Simon
VI. Veronica Wipes Jesus' FaceP
VII. Jesus Falls a Second Time
VIII. Jesus Speaks to the Women
IX. Jesus Falls a Third Time
X. Jesus is Stripped of His Clothes:
XI. Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
Calvary: Matthias Gruenwald
XII. Jesus Dies on the Cross: Valequez
XIII. Jesus is Taken from the Cross XIV. Jesus is Laid In the Tomb P Holy Saturday
Man Descends into Hell: Michael Angelo
Easter Sunday

The Angel Opens the Tomb
Mary Sees Christ
The Resurrection
: Piero della Francesca
Thomas Doubts: Carravagio
The Ascension
Jesus in Heaven
: Michael Angelo

Gospel of John
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