Temple Pyramid Meditation
for the Members of
The Order of the Golden Cross

Pyramid Meditation (approximately 20 minutes) In the interest of those who have varying schedules the meditation can be done at anytime.
In San Jose, CA we will do the meditation at 8:00 AM, followed by a general meditation at 8:30 and Communion at 9:00 AM PS/DT

This Temple Pyramid meditation is performed in the Spirit of Love. Group meditation is on Sunday Morning according to the above schedule, but if that is not possible for you, it may be performed at any time you wish or that is convenient.
The particular focus is to be in relationship with other Brothers and Sisters who share the path of The Order of the Golden Cross. We perform the meditation with the intention of assisting ourselves and our Brothers and Sisters across the nation and the world to feel the connection we have, one with another, despite the physical distances that separate us.
The Temple Pyramid meditation is based on the familiar symbols of the square, the triangle, and the circle that are on the rings of priests of The Order of the Golden Cross. We use awareness of these symbols to bring us into a common spiritual space, symbolized by the Temple Pyramid and the knowing that in Christ there is no separation between us. The base of the Temple Pyramid is the square. The sides are triangles, the Altar represents the circle. We form another circle around the Altar.
Begin by becoming still in mind and body. Follow your breathe in and out and notice when your breathe has become synchronous with your heart. You may use pre-meditation breathing exercises to accomplish this. Some use the sound of chanting the AUM; some open with a prayer; I use the Auric Egg of Light Exercise.


When your breathing and heart are in tune with one another, say a personal prayer of intention, and begin the meditation. Focus your mind on the Light of Christ and visualize a Temple Pyramid. (Specific visualizations may vary amongst our brothers and sisters, but the effect is the same.) The Temple Pyramid is a spiritual space. It is a pyramid of Light material with the entrance in the center of one side of the pyramid. There are stairs leading to the entrance and Light pours forth from within.
Enter into the Outer Chamber of the Temple Pyramid and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the Christ Light that surrounds and infuses the atmosphere in greater strength than we normally are aware of. You will see and be greeted by other Light Beings...some whom you will immediately know....others who you will know only as Brothers and Sisters of Light.
Take time to recognize and greet all who approach you. In the Temple Pyramid there is only Peace, Light, Love and brother/sisterhood. Surrounded by these loving friends enter into the Inner Chamber and take a place in the area surrounding the Altar.
This Altar is made of a material that looks like white marble.....upon it burns a central flame...in a golden brazier... it is the symbol of the Living Presence of Christ.
As you stand together with the others who will enter into Meditation and Prayer with you, feel the unity and acceptance of the Love of Christ....
Then see yourself and all present call forth the Living Presence of Christ to come forth and fill you and all present in the Temple Pyramid . (Some people experience this as a joined Communion.)
As the Presence comes pouring forth to everyone, see that Light and Life and Love and Presence connecting everyone.
As the Light and Love pour forth, let it also pour forth into the realm of your spiritual service to all of those with whom you share life, your family first and then into the centers where you live and serve, and to everyone in your immediate community. Let the waves of Light bring healing and peace into your immediate world and then the whole world.
Feeling the sense of the Living Presence of Christ...and the Love of Christ still connecting us together, give thanks to Christ for this time together.
At this point you may perform a communal or personal meditation.... usually working on bringing forth personal guidance.
When finished with your personal meditation pray for those on your prayer list.
When it is time to go, when it is time to leave the Temple Pyramid, give thanks for what you have experienced and as you return in conscious awareness to the everyday world, pray that you may take the Love and Light you have received into your daily life that it may help you and others be more loving and compassionate human beings.
Go in Peace, Love and Joy


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