World Illumination Meditation

The World Illumination Meditation may be performed by everyone around the World and is not exclusive to a particular group or location; this meditation may be used by a small or large group, and by Light Workers everywhere. While this meditation practice is for personal upliftment and soul unfoldment, it is also of genuine spiritual service as the implementation of this practice works for the benefit of the Greater Light Worker Community and the whole of the World Community.
When we perform the World Illumination Meditation, we join with other Light Workers and the Host of the many Heavenly Realms who work for the Benefit of All, in raising the consciousness of ourselves and of All the People of the Earth. And just as performing Communion or any other Sacred Spiritual Ritual repeatedly, creates a positive pattern of upliftment for the Earth, so does this meditation practice.

Definitions of Terms Used in this Meditation:

In some Ancient Wisdom teachings, the term Christ, identifies the second aspect of God: the known creation, material and spiritual, both visible and invisible. The Christ is the Light, Life and Love present at all times in the Creation; the Christ is the power, force, and energy of God, that which gives Life to and generates the whole of Creation. Allegorically, the Christ may be perceived as the Soul of God, the part of God that is known to us — within Whom we live, move and have Our Being.

The Christ Light:
The tangible essence of the Christ, is Light. The intangible characteristics of the Christ Light are Love, Life, Wisdom, and Compassion. Spiritually these attributes underlay and permeate everything; the Christ Aspect of God is the perfect form of All of the Known Creation, spiritually and physically.

The Host:
The Host is composed of All Beings on all levels of Creation who have attained the Christ Consciousness; sometimes, these beings are called Avatars. Examples of Avatars include, Mary, Jesus, Buddha, and Vishnu. An Avatar, is a higher being who has at one time or another taken embodiment in an earthly incarnation for the sake of other sentient beings. Others of the Host include the many Angels and Saints.

The Steps

Step 1. To begin the World Illumination Meditation Practice, adopt your usual meditation pose, close your eyes, and envelope yourself in a sphere of Pure White Christ Light. See and know that the purity of the White Christ Light is driving out all disharmony, and cleansing all levels of your being, within your physical body, your spiritual body, and your aura as well. Know that the White Christ Light is cleansing any negative thinking patterns that might interfere in this meditation or affect the focus of others joining in this meditation.

Step 2. Now, see this White Christ Light shining from you to all other Light Workers in your immediate group, then see the White Christ Light forming a large sphere over All, and know that All are becoming at one with each other. Sense this White Christ Light and Oneness as absorbed by All as much as possible and continue to so for the next few minutes until you sense All are unified in mind and spirit.

3. Now, project this Light further to extend to All Light Workers around the World; include everyone of All Spiritual Traditions who work for the Good of All.

4. Next, let this expanding envelope of White Christ Light extend to the Heavenly Host who assist us in service to the world; imagine all Light Workers of the World unified with the Brothers and Sisters above and everywhere to strengthen the process of cleansing the mind of Earth. Know that the Heavenly Host is definitely present and here working with us in raising the vibration of All the People of the Earth. Let this field of Light also reach to others of the Host above; angels, archangels, all celestial beings, etc. Include the Master Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, Buddha, and any other Light Beings with whom you engage on a spiritual level; know their power and compassion greatly benefits this whole process as it continues to unfold.

Knowing you are now linked with All in the Celestial Realms, and that you have formed a very real Light network, established in the Light, Power and Energy of the Christ Light, allow yourself to sense how this Holy Christ Light harmonizes and uplifts All, sense how this Light extends more freely to All Beings.

5. Now, see this expanding field of White Christ Light reaching and enveloping All the People of the World. While doing this, know you are bringing increasingly more of the Light of Christ to dissolve all negative or destructive patterns in the mass mind of the Earth, whether there are tendencies or concepts of disunity and separation, selfishness and greed, hatred and vengeance, war and disease, etc. In this know you are accepting that the Will of God, in God's Great Love, Wisdom and Compassion, be done and carried out. Keep in mind the prayer, "Not My Will, but Thy Will Be Done." Remember that we are all a part of One People and that All the People of the Earth are Children of God.

As this White Christ Light penetrates into the Greater Consciousness of All People, know that positive energies are being planted like seeds; seeds of Peace, Love, Forgiveness, and Harmony knowing that the Pure Christ Light that you have now entered acts as the catalyst to raise up the vibration of everyone's consciousness toward Healing and Illumination.

Know that the Christ Light and Consciousness are more powerful than anyone or anything, and that it can, does and will dissolve any negative patterns in the mass mind, though it may be a gradual process. Know that basically, in performing this exercise we are stimulating the breaking up of old patterns to be replaced by harmonious patterns. In our state of Illumination and Realization, and in our living our Vows to God, as we perform this regenerating process for All Beings, know that we are pulling out the weeds and planting new seeds to uplift the All of the People of the World, and that we are opening a door for further Illumination on a Worldwide Scale.

This is our goal, for this is the purpose of what is called the Greater Work. As we perform this World Illumination Mediation Practice know that we bring more Light, Love, Wisdom and Compassion into the World.

In performing this practice, know we are being agents of God's Grace to All. Know that as we focus ourselves, we are becoming more Christ like; we are living and radiating more Christ Light, Love, Wisdom and Compassion, on a daily basis, and that the Christ Light, Love, Wisdom and Compassion we send out, sometimes brings others to the realization that the Christ Light is within All; know that those who are receptive and ready for the Christ Light to be made manifest in their lives will truly experience the Light and be uplifted.

6. For the final phase, the last step of this practice, visualize the whole of the planet of Earth surrounded by the Pure White Light of the Christ. See the Christ Light on the inside and on the surface as well. See the Christ Light become more and more brilliant until there is nothing but Light. Know that the Light, Love, Wisdom and Compassion of the Great Christ is now changing and uplifting the spiritual vibration of the Earth. Know that transformation is actually taking place, that it is real, and not just our imaginations at work. Know that the entire body of the Heavenly Host, and the Master Jesus and Mother Mary and All Others of the Host are also working through this form to increase the spiritual upliftment of the World and its People.

7. As you see the whole planet of Earth and its People completely encompassed and filled with the Light of Christ, breathe in deeply until your lungs are filled with Light, then hold your breath for a moment with this image in mind, knowing that transformation is manifesting right now. Then as you breathe out chant the AUM.

As you make this sound allow it to begin in your solar plexus and raise as you voice the sound out through the top of your head.


While doing this exercise, remember these elements:

A. Know that the Christ is Love, Wisdom and Compassion and that it shines forth through us, driving out all disharmony and negativity, in ourselves and in All Beings.

B. Know that this process strengthens us individually and unifies us and that it also reaffirms our link with the Heavenly Hosts and the spiritual dimensions of Pure Light.

C. Know that we are Children of Light and are one with All of the Earthly and Heavenly organizations and associations that seek and work for the Light and Love of God to Be established fully on Earth.

D. Know that the Christ Light is more powerful than anyone or anything, and that we humbly and sincerely initiate the Power, Love and Light of Christ through our endeavors in order to dispel all negativity in this world, for the Greater Good of Humanity, and the upliftment of our consciousness into Greater Illumination and Greater Love, Wisdom and Compassion.

E. Know that this exercise is an excellent vehicle for expressing and living any Vows to God we have taken, especially Service, as well as Humility, Obedience, Purity, and Poverty (Detachment from unhealthy desires) for these are the means by which we are good examples of "Being Christ unto others."


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The Gnostic Order of Christ, Updated 2020.