Text of a letter dictated by Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti (Murshid Samuel L. Lewis; Murshid SAM) on his deathbed to Pir O Murshid Sufi Barkat Ali, Solar Wala, Lyallapur District, West Pakistan,

January 2, 1971.

Praise be to Allah!

This has been a glorious exit, and one which will go down in history, a sign of all the beauty, truth, and goodness in the universe.

One has been truly saved from the jaws of death and adversity, and may live on indefinitely as God wills. It is the sign of all symbol and goodness, and the establishment of God's message in the western world forever, praise be to Allah!

For I am the first one born in the west to have received the divine message, and believe to have representatives in all the purity and goodness of which Allah is capable and which will now be presumed done forever.

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