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This Is The New Age, In Person

Long out of print, This Is The New Age, In Person is a series of ten lectures given by Murshid Samuel L. Lewis Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti) presented over a ten-week period, before a gathering of the Holy Order of MANS in San Francisco, California, July 18 through September 19, 1970. "The lectures, inspired by St. Paul's 'First Epistle to the Corinthians'," were originally titled, "The Three Body Constitution of Man According to St. Paul."

The point made is simple: Man has three bodies, physical, psychic, and spiritual. Murshid Samuel Lewis states that all scriptures teach of these bodies, but that orthodoxy has neglected them. The physical body is one of food and action. The psychic body is a world of emotions, powers and faculties of mind. The spiritual body can only be known by all-encompassing love. The spirit of these talks is one of adventure, not of an exercise in logic. It might be said to be an adventure in prophecy, for to quote Murshid Samuel Lewis, "Prophesying doesn't mean predicting; it means: When your heart is open, you receive from God and speak to men."

Murshid Samuel Lewis, was born of wealthy parents, initiated into various Dervish orders, a Zen Roshi, mystic and lifelong student of comparative religion. (Quoted from the back cover of This Is The New Age, In Person)

Not mentioned in his bio is that in 1968: Murshid Samuel Lewis became the Director of Spiritual Education of the Holy Order of MANS and was also one of its incorporating founders.


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