The Gnostic Order of Christ Prayer
Adapted from a 4th Century Prayer

Holy Is God the Creator of All,
The Great Christ And the Holy Spirit,
And Through the Angels,
And the Host Above.

Holy Is God,
Who Wills to Be Known,
And Is Known by Them
That Belong to God;

Holy Art Thou,
Who by Thy Word
Has Created All That Is;
Holy Art Thou,
Whose Brightness Fills Us;

Holy Art Thou,
Of Whom All Nature Is an Image.

Holy Art Thou,
Who Art Greater than the Angels;

Holy Art Thou,
Who Art Greater than All Lights;

Holy Art Thou,
Who Surpasses All Praises.

Accept Pure Offerings of Speech
From Souls and Hearts Uplifted to Thee,
Thou of Whom No Words Can Tell,
No Tongue Can Speak,
Whom Only Silence Can Declare.

We Pray
That We May Never Fall Away
From That Knowledge of Thee
Which Transforms Our Being.

Grant Thou Our Sincere Prayers,
And Put Power into Us,
That So, We,
Having Realized Thy Great Love for Us,
May Enlighten the Children of Earth
Our Sisters and Brothers
And Thy Daughters and Sons...

Wherefore We Believe
And Bear Witness
That We Enter
Into Light, Life, and Love.

In the Name of Our Lord
And Master Jesus Christ
And in the Presence
Of Our Blessed Mother Mary
And the Host Above.