O Gracious Lord

O Gracious Lord,
I enter Thy radiance,
and approach
Thy presence,
bearing with me
the service done
in Thy name,
and for Thee.

I seek to become
a more efficient server,
and I open
my heart
and mind
to the power
of Thy Love,
and Thy Joy,
and Thy Peace.

In Thy presence,
Thy Love
floods my being,
which is gentleness,

I must therefore be
and helpful
to all beings.

In Thy presence,
Thy joy pervades me,
which is light,
and eternal youth.

I must therefore bear
Thy joy
to those who are sad
and depressed.

In Thy presence,
Thy Peace enfolds me,
and fills me
with contentment,
Thy peace
which passeth understanding.

I must therefore be
a centre of love,
and peace
in the world.

I place my hand in Thine
with all love
and trust
and confidence,
for Thou art indeed
my Lord.

From the unreal
lead me to the Real,
from darkness to Light,
from death to Life Eternal.

At Thy feet,
and in the Light
of Thy Holy Presence,
I strive to realize what I am.

I am not this body
which belongs
to the world of shadows;
I am not the desires
which affect it;
I am not the thoughts
which fill my mind;
I am not the mind itself.

I am the Divine Flame
within my heart,
without beginning,
without end.

More radiant than the sun
in all his noonday glory,
purer than the snow,
unsullied by the hand of matter;
more subtle than the ether
is the Spirit
within my heart.
I and my Father are One.

"I worship Thee.
I adore Thee;
Thou my Life,
my Breath,
my Being,
my all.

I am in Thee
and Thou art in me.

Lead me,
O Gracious Lord,
through Thy illimitable Love
to union with Thee,
and the Heart of Eternal Love.

In Thy Love
I rest for evermore.





Credit:[ Note -Bishop C.W.Leadbeater gave this prayer to his class in Melbourne, Australia, for a daily meditation...The following prayer is quoted from "Thus I have Heard" by Geoffrey Hodson: The Aquarian Age, May-June, 1924... It should be meditated upon phrase by phrase with deepening realization....
See: http://www.theosophical.ca/Thus%20Have%20I%20Heard.htm]