O Thou, Who Art the Perfection

O Thou, Who Art the Perfection
Of Love, Harmony, and Beauty,
The Lord of Heaven and Earth,
Open Our Hearts That We May Hear Thy Voice,
Which Constantly Cometh from Within.
Disclose to Us Thy Divine Light,
Which Is Hidden in Our Souls,
That We May Know and Understand Life Better
Most Merciful and Compassionate God,
Give Us Thy Great Goodness;
Teach Us Thy Loving Forgiveness;
Raise Us above the Distinctions and Differences
Which Divide Men;
Send Us the Peace of Thy Divine Spirit;
And Unite Us All in Thy Perfect Being.



by Hazart Inayat Khan



Teachings of Hazart Inayat Khan

In The Spiritual Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Volume I - The Way of Illumination,[4] Hazrat Inayat Khan set forth ten thoughts that form the foundational principles of Universal Sufism:

1. There is One God, the Eternal, the Only Being; None exists save He. ... (alternative, source unknown) There is One God, the Eternal, the Only Being; None exists save God.

2. There is One Master, the Guiding Spirit of all souls, Who constantly leads all followers toward the Light.

3. There is One Holy Book, the Sacred Manuscript of Nature, the only Scripture that can enlighten the reader.

4. There is One Religion, the unswerving progress in the right direction toward the Ideal, which fulfills the life's purpose of every soul.

5. There is One Law, the Law of Reciprocity, which can be observed by a selfless conscience, together with a sense of awakened justice.

6. There is One Brotherhood, the human brotherhood which unites the children of earth indiscriminately in the fatherhood of God. ... (later adapted by followers) There is one Family, the Human Family, which unites the Children of Earth indiscriminately in the Parenthood of God.

7. There is One Moral, the Love which springs forth from self-denial and blooms in deeds of beneficence. ... (alternative, source unknown) There is one Moral Principle, the Love which springs forth from a willing heart, surrendered in service to God and Humanity, and which blooms in deeds of beneficence.

8. There is One Object of Praise, the Beauty which uplifts the heart of its worshipper through all aspects from the seen to the unseen.

9. There is One Truth, the true knowledge of our being, within and without, which is the essence of Wisdom.

10. There is One Path, the annihilation of the false ego in the real, which raises the mortal to immortality, in which resides all perfection. ... (alternative, source unknown) There is One Path, the effacement of the limited self in the Unlimited, which raises the mortal to immortality, in which resides all Perfection.


Some of Inayat Khan's most famous sayings:
* "Shatter your ideals on the rock of Truth."

* "There is nothing valuable except what we value in life."

* "In a small affair or in a big affair, first consult yourself and find out if there is any conflict in your own being about anything you want to do. And when you find no conflict there, then feel sure that a path is already made for you. You have but to open your eyes and take a step forward, and the other step will be led by God."

* "The difference between the divine and the human will is like the difference between the trunk of a tree and its branches. As from the boughs other twigs and branches spring, so the will of one powerful individual has branches going through the will of other individuals. So there are the powerful beings, the masters of humanity. Their will is God's will, their word is God's word, and yet they are branches, because the trunk is the will of the Almighty. Whether the branch be large or small, every branch has the same origin and the same root as the stem."

* "The more one studies the harmony of music, and then studies human nature, how people agree and how they disagree, how there is attraction and repulsion, the more one will see that it is all music."

* "Reason is the illusion of reality."

Credits and About: Hazart Inayat Khan