Immaculate Heart Servants
of Mary Prayers

Morning Prayer

Glory Unto the Father.
Glory onto the Son.
Glory Unto the Holy Spirit.

O Blessed Mary,
Even as the Spirit of Our Father
Doth Guide and Watch over Us,
So Guide Thou Also Me
Unto the Depths of My Own True Self.

Let the Purity of Thy Spirit Come Forth
To Water the Earth
And Bring Life to its Children.
O Mary, Let Thine Eminent Perfection
Draw Forth the Perfection from Within Me,
That I May Stand in the Light of Thy Son,
With Only the Joy of Knowing
That I Am One with Thee
In the Body of the Holy Assembly.

Blessed Mother Mary,
Strengthen Our Hearts and Minds
Through Divine Love,
That We May Better Serve Our Father,
Through Thy Son, Our Lord and Master
Jesus Christ. Amen


Noon Prayer

O Blessed Mother Immaculate,
Mother of Our Divine Lord,
Help Us to Have But One Desire
That Is to Be Fully Received by Thee
That We May Know Our Lord and Master
Jesus in this Day.

May We Be So Filled with Thy Light
That Our Presence May Heal the Sick,
And Our Touch Bring Wholeness to Those Thought Incurable.
Bring Our Consciousness to Ever See
The Perfection in All Things Created by Our Father

So That We May Fully Realize
The Great Gift of Atonement Given by Thy Son.
Bring Peace and Blessings to Those Around Us,
And Grant to Us a Greater Realization of Our Own Being,
Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


Evening Prayer

Father-Mother God,
Help Me to See All Things in the Purity
In Which You Created Them.
To Maintain My Divinity
Through Obedience To the Spirit from Within.
To Grow in Compassion,
To Heal the Children of Earth.

To Do unto the Least of Men
Even as I Would unto My Beloved Ones.
To Give of Myself Without Thought.
To Bring the Children of Earth the Understanding of the Way
Through the Immaculate Hearts of Mary and Jesus
as Guided by the Holy Spirit.

To Help Each Person to Realize the Forgiveness of Jesus Christ
And the Love of God
To strive for the upliftment and betterment of all mankind
Through practice of the will of God for good in all things. Amen

(See yourself in a sphere of light and feel and think you are being reborn)


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