Father Paul's
The Golden Force

Chapter 10: The Ocean of Sex: God - Man - Woman


Creation of Adam: Michelangelo

The subject most talked about, the subject as spoken of by the popular writers is the "Eternal Triangle," or should we say, the most misunderstood of all relationships? The thing I am trying to understand is, why call it the "eternal triangle," when we have just man and woman -- or do we have a third? Who could the third person be? For it takes three points to make a triangle -- could it be the third point is the Great Creative Power, God?

If this is true -- and I am intuitively guided to say this, because without this creative force in our bodies, both psychic and physical, there would be no offspring and sexual inter-course would be an impossibility. In the first place, physical intercourse depends on feeling, and all the senses in the physical body which require the function of the psychic body.

With this taken into consideration, is it a wonder we have so much divorce? You see the truth is right in front of you all the time and you have never seen it. (You see it is necessary to have God in the triangle.) It is like most things taught in the Holy Bible or the Jewish Books. People do not pay any attention to what they are taught; they go blindly on and anything which is not a piece of soap or a loaf of bread, they do not recognize, or understand. Certainly men and women should have recognized this by this time; the way they have fought and tried to possess one another has not attained one thing for either side of the fence.

The fact of the matter is that there is never a way of doing anything except through the all-sure way of cooperation with the God and one another. This is the way a successful business is run and this is the way that the God set up this Universe, and cannot be changed and when one uses the Law as laid down by the Master Jesus and many other Great Masters, one is only working in cooperation with God, Who has and will guarantee to produce that which we choose.

The double triangle, as it represents a Universal principle in the function of things, should be of significance here. It is the number of the double triangle, which is two, which stands for the function of the Law of the triangle in action, on both the seen and unseen planes of action -- in both worlds, in the physical world and the psychic world of God, as the Religionist would say it, but we say in these two spheres of vibration because it is really that way; sounds cold, doesn't it?

Just about this time I can hear you say to me: "Are you trying to tell me about a Great Creative Power that really works? You mean a real God?" It always causes dismay in me this wonder at a real God -- for I am sure that I will never quite understand people that go to Church when they did not think that it is a real thing they are talking about -- yes, it is a real God, a functioning God.

Cooperation is one thing, one word that if really understood will aid in bringing peace in this triangle, for there exists the idea of competition between the male and female, the basis of possessing and domination, which always leads to conflict. The only remedy for this is the real knowing of the complete function of God, man and woman; only through this can either of them, or both of them, obtain complete balance of the forces in their being.

Therefore, it is not a case of one or the other -- either Man or Woman -- running the other one, because as you will see, if you finish this chapter, that one is just as dependent on the other for a full and happy life.

Do you feel that the creation of your body in your Mother's womb was a degrading thing? Then you are going to say, "Well, my mother and father were properly married." I am going to ask you, were they? You can still miss the most beautiful part of marriage, if you do not understand.

Let us take the example of the common candle. It gives off light, but it also gives considerably more heat than light. Light is the direct function of a candle, heat the indirect, but we get more heat than light. A candle is a furnace adapted to the purpose of lighting. In order to give light, a candle must burn. Combustion is a necessary condition for receiving of light from a candle.

Therefore, it is impossible to ignore this combustion, but the same combustion gives heat. At first thought it appears that the heat from the candle is spent unproductively; sometimes it is superfluous, unpleasant, annoying. If a room is lighted by candles it will soon grow excessively hot; but the fact remains that light is received from a candle only because of combustion -- by the development of heat and the incandescence of volatilized gases.

The same thing is true with the case of love and affection. To hold within one the great aspect of male/female -- it is a great ocean, a mass aspect of the acceptance of God -- of something of a common pattern of thought, with the flux and reflux within illuminated by God, the Teacher or Principle of Love, of Life trying to give Life to Life.

Therefore, the apparent physical sexual act is only the visible part of physical manifestation of the spiritual reality taking place -- and to this most eyes and senses are dulled -- so once again people see the gross or what they think is gross. Why do they think it gross? Because of the teachings of mass mind and their thinking that all there is, in and to the world, is what they see.

When you say to this beautiful lady, "I love you," in reality you are saying that you feel the Great God Force trying to pass from you to her. Is this obscene? Man, O Man, wake up to the eminency of the God you say you worship.

With the pulsing of this force, pressing on the bounds of the body, the glands are the points of conversion from the basic force of God to physical emotion -- vibrating, swaying -- emotional to the star-glint of the eye of all human beings when they feel the acceptance of the Love, or giving of the other -- the other's (male or female) acceptance of the reflecting of Heaven and all Creation. How wonderful!

Scarcely a figure, male or female, approaches another, just to walk up to the other to talk, but that there will be a tremor travel across this great ocean which we call sex. Sex in the mind is a plane, so to speak, of function -- not just visibly, but also invisibly, like a media or as you use a telephone; it is a way to demonstrate God.

Man -- Woman -- God move across the face of the Moon -- so on the edge of this great Ocean of Sex action, the glory of human form is faintly outlined under the trees of dense matter, or by the shore of soul. We then look into the deeps of the Great Creative God, for as we look into the star-glint eye of our lover, as well as the passioned fool who seeks a great God experience of Love, still maybe to the touch, to the approach, to the incantation of the eyes, of one shall burst forth uncontrollable, in that seething, rolling, engulfing -- the wonderful but turbulent Ocean of Sex. Then comes the natural, turbulent Ocean of Sex. Then comes the natural, visible demonstration -- this ocean of sex and its millions and millions of tiny seed-like human forms contained within each person, the spheres of life -- this, the mirror of the very Universe in which we live:

The Sacred Temple and innermost Holy Shrine of each body, where the life force produces Love -- the Ocean of Sex flowing ever on through the great trunk and branches of humanity, from which, after all, you and you, the individual, only spring like a leaf-bud; the Ocean of Sex which we so wonderfully contain, and we are contained in -- the Mind of the Universe, the Mind of God. When sometimes we feel and know this within, and identify ourselves with the Only, then do we understand that Love is something given, as something already understood and known.

Love and death -- the two enigmas which confront us -- the mystical being seems to be attracted by the face of death. It is because it has so many unknown avenues. It is a well known psychological fact that in moments of powerful emotion, of great joy or great suffering, everything happening around about a being seems to unreal, as a dream. This is the beginning of the Soul's awakening. When a person in dreams begins to be conscious of the fact that he or she is asleep and that what s/he sees is a dream, then s/he is waking up; this is like the moment of Love and Sex.

Love is only attained between two people when the male makes his declaration of love to her; the male then lets Her loose, thereby giving her up to the God she represents, and waits for the Female to come to him. This may sound contradictory to the social practice now used.

In the bird kingdom this is practiced, in the animal kingdom almost entirely. But let us see -- say from a technical standpoint, in an electrical circuit the negative (-) pole, female, always flows to the positive (+) male. If it is right in physical matter, it is right in spirit. This same principle holds true in the working of the law.

This is the true pattern, because when a man has declared his intentions, he has made a pattern, and then the two minds must meet in the God mind, which is One.

If you wish to be accepted by others, then you must accept others, and it must start with the ones closest to you, and the balancing force and power of the male aspect has been acquired; and remember if you are a male, this does not mean that the male aspect has been acquired or that you came into this life with it.

There is a potent aspect in the character of the male aspect, its nature; its action gives decision and knowingness of choice, its nature which is one thing that a woman cannot develop, no matter how far along the Path -- she needs this to use the God Force in its fullness of aspect. This aspect is authority, and it is only transmitted through the male association.

Remember, God created man first, then woman. This does not make woman any less important, for woman gives man the love aspect of creation, for it was taken from man. The male is the creation of the wo-man, therefore it is necessary that Woman return to Man the Love He gave Her, and it is a spiritual transfer, while the physical culmination of the physical intercourse is mans supreme giving to woman the power to create another being; and where no child is born, it is the release of power to woman's body, which converted, then she may create with mind. But without this she is like a virgin child, sweet and beautiful, but does not have any effect on the world around her.

On the other hand, woman releases to man the "roundness of feeling," the softness of touch, both physical touch and the touch of word; in other words, the use of sound in communication. The feeling of the Rose Petal is the female aspect. The protection of a mother for her child against all danger, so the child will not be harmed, is what the male gave her when he passed the germ of life. This is the male aspect.

The mass mind of the female today is that when she mates, she is bestowing a favor on the male; this is not true. She is in reality fulfilling the requirements necessary for her own freedom.

Look about you, and all women that have become great in business, literary pursuits or professional pursuits have known the love and mating with the male of their choice, or have given birth to a child. Some have not, but always they have had the scepter of power passed to them by the male. If they did not, they have become warped and distorted in their dealings with other people. They are usually very envious people and completely self-centered.

In the case of the male, if he has not received the female or negative aspect of God, he is usually cold and hard, and he does not have the delicacy and kindness, love of beauty, personal relationship, friendship quality, and art and creative pursuits.

When the female turns her head up to her mate and parts her lips, she is accepting the male idiom of the spiritual aspect of the male, and whether the cycle is completed in the physical or not, she has opened the way for mental and physical stimuli to activate the Kundalini, and the uniting of the two atmospheres has taken place. This is the first step -- the atmosphere of both male and female must be in resonance for the cycle to be completed.

In the uniting of the two electromagnetic fields -- which is a means of conveyance of the two aspects of the God Force from whom these are given freely of one to the other, thus creating one uniform field -- we have what might be said to take place when we say, "water will seek its own level"; then peace in the presence of God exists.

To you, man, remember that when you have this woman in your arms (if she is following nature's plan) you are the source of everything -- take her firmly but gently to you, think only of her. Give up completely to her happiness, then and only then will you reach the happiness you have been seeking.

To you, woman, remember if you have any fear of this man, stay away from him, because you cannot "let go and let God"; you cannot admire and thrill to his every touch if you fear him or the mating. Do not think you can beat nature. No one ever has.

This is what the Great Creative Power of the Universe has ordained should be, and in this age, the New Age, the return of the Christ Force, this is what will be or man and woman will tear themselves apart.

There is a term which has been used by many, this is "free love." It is used to depict the ones who seeks just physical release alone, from any woman or source; but real "free love" is what we have to develop -- the kind that is in the Universal pattern for the betterment of all man and womankind.

It is said that woman could stop all wars. It is rightly so, for if woman would accept her freedom in the sun with God and her mate, he would accept the female aspect which would not want to fight. Why? Because he would be at peace -- peace within himself and not seeking that balance; and woman would be happy in the power of her divine freedom. Is this a matter of self-satisfaction, a case of self-gratification, a sensation of amusement? No, not at all! Is your concept of sex a concept which is on the animal level? If so, then think of this: each must think and perform correctly.

It makes no difference if you are following spiritual pursuits or a mundane material life, if you want the most out of life this is the way to acquire it.

We are now giving you a comparison of the two -- Man and Woman -- without prejudice, although I am a man writing this, because it was not I who created this Universe but the Great Creative Power which did the job, although I will admit many years ago I also tried to change the system.

To the female mass mind, freedom is doing what amuses her personally -- what she accepts as pleasant and pleasing to her without any encumbrances of cooperation with another person, such as a mate. Occasionally she might like to have a man take her to the movies or for a little love affair, but not to have any strings attached.

There is nothing so pleasing to her as to fuss with her dress, her hair and adorn her body, as it is the body which she thinks is the main attraction.

This she wishes to do, to attract the male so that she can control him through his spiritual need and physical needs.

Remember all things come from a spiritual stimulus, be they good or bad. She learns to control the male through stimulating his physical desire which is, too, both spiritual and physical; and then passes him by her refusals and keeps him dangling until her ego is satisfied, and unites with him only when she has reached the limits of his tolerance. Then she repeats this until she obsesses him and has complete control of him.

In this new age -- the return of the Christ -- for as surely as I sit here writing, the Christ is returning to earth more every day, but this is not a man. In this new age this cannot be, for the vibration of the earth's atmosphere is rising, therefore both male and female must have their freedom, both must be free to take their freedom and fill their place in the sun by carrying out the divine plan of theirs.

How can they gain their freedom? This can be attained by understanding their part in creation and marriage -- marriage in a form where the raising of children is not the prime purpose, but first to know one another and their relation to the Creator.

The male is the bulwark for the female, for he is mind -- the female is emotion. This is the Mind, Primary Cause, the good Holy Bible says was created first.

The female, being Emotional Mind, should be a source of healing for children, and also for the adult males who are ill and in need of healing. If she wishes to function wholly, she should teach children, also teach woman about children and other subjects such as Philosophy and Science; and in order to do this she should have the male balance, for of him she gains the prerogative of power. Her female qualities will give her symmetry and beauty in other things; then, and then only will her real beauty appear, not only in character but in spirit of body and face.

If you want a thing or quality in yourself, then it is necessary to conform to the plan of creation -- you also must be able to see this in other people. If you wish to be admired then you must admire others.

Then, according to the Universal pattern, the female must go or flow to the male or positive in the material world, if she accepts him; otherwise he is forcing the issue, if he does as is practiced here on this earth at this time. The present Earth way of the Male keeping the Female so busy she cannot have choice or time to think is not right. Also, if a previous marriage has existed, regardless whether there has been a legal divorce or not, even if both parties have been granted divorce, until a new marriage pattern is accepted by one or both of the parties, to a new mate, the divorced party is still giving mental acceptance to the marriage whether she or he hate their former mates or not.

Now when a new contract or pattern is mentally accepted by him or her, whichever the case may be -- then all the reactions and thoughts of the former marriage will dissolve. Being mentally accepted, then they are married, license or no license, whether they live together or not.

For when there is peace in man's heart, there is peace in the world. Then too does the Great Creative Power flow through both Man and Woman, and thus the triangle is formed with God, Man and Woman in this divine creation.


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