The Symbology in this Painting

On one level, the infant Jesus represents the undeveloped Soul and the Divine Masculine aspect of the Self; the Logos. Mother Mary represents the Divine Feminine, the Holy Spirit, the source of Divine Wisdom within the Soul. As the Soul grows the Soul is nurtured by the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is Truth, Wisdom and Light. She reveals the Secrets of the Universe to the Soul.

The book Mary holds represents the hidden wisdom and knowledge of all things. In time, the Logos, the original you, the archetype of you or the child or "son" aspect of the Soul becomes Christed through learning of the Divine Wisdom contained within the book and thus, the Soul finds union with the Divine...

Morning Mary Meditation
Noon Mary Meditation
Evening Mary Meditation
A Vision of the Assumption
Chamber's Picture of Mary
Madonna and Child
by Marianne Preindelsberger Stokes
The Compassionate Hearts Rosary
The Sub Tuum:
Under Your Mantle Holy Mother
Origins of the IHSM
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The Symbology of
The Immaculate Heart Servants of Mary Symbol
The Keys are the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven: the silver key represents the pure spiritual feeling that allows for one to understand the feelings of others without emotional reactions and thoughts for oneself.

The gold key represents the enlightened and Christed intellect which sees all from the point of unconditional love and compassion.

The Heart at the center of the keys represents the balance that occurs when feeling and mind are balanced by the Heart of Compassion.

The Sword represents the sword of Truth and the Truth that reveals itself when one's feelings and thoughts are balanced by the Heart of Compassion.

The Dove represents the Holy Spirit. When the Heart and Mind are balanced by love and compassion we are able to receive spiritual wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

The Red Rose is a Mystical Symbol representing the unfoldment of the Soul in Love, Wisdom, and Compassion.

The blue oval shape against the gold background containing the symbols represents the Auric field of the being who walks in the consciousness of God (blue) who has attained the qualities represented by the symbols.

All is transformed in the radiant Golden Light of a Being who has attained the Compassion (the red line) of the Christ. That being walks in the Light and Love of the Christ (gold) and radiates the Light and Love of the Christ into the world.