LOVE: Lesson 1
Love is the greatest of all powers and though of itself, it has no power, it is powerful. Love comes forth from the Source of All Life.
A source is a point at which something springs into being. A source causes, creates, or initiates. A source is a point where energy or mass comes forth and is added to the system.
Like a river, love comes forth from its source as a small trickle that then becomes a stream that is then added to other streams until, as it falls from the heights, it becomes a Great River of Love that spreads across the world eventually mixing and merging with all of the waters.
A source is a point of origin. Love as a power flows into the universe from its source, through each of us. Through each one of us, love is added to the Great River of Love.
Love flows like a river from its source into the world and as a great power, love blesses everyone and so the world is transformed.
Power is a force exerted. Love is a power only when expressed. The power of love is potentially transformative and when expressed is kinetic; transformation occurs because of love's movement; through the power of love, the universe is both effected and perfected.
Love is infinitely available and infinitely created. Love flows from the Spirit of God when we access the pure desire to love.
We may connect to the Source of Love and feel its power. Love emanates from the Source as a gentle force that when expressed causes a response.
All things vibrate to the Power of Love.
Love permeates all, unobtrusively.
Things do not love. Only we can love.
Love is a movement of nurturing energy, unseen, but felt and known.
Love is uplifting and inspiring; love is healing; love is caring and concerned for the well-being of others.
Love is gentle. Love is kind. Love brings peace and joy.
"Love creates a vacuum that necessitates a reaction....
"Nature abhors a vacuum... Nature does not repel Love .... Nature says that if we Love, we must be loved."
A vacuum is a state of emptiness; when we are empty, we are empty of personal desire and personal ego and love can flow through us; when we are empty, we become channels of grace to others.
The Creator naturally loves.
Love is the creative force.
Love nurtures.
In our natural state we love. I our natural state, love comes forth in abundance.
God is love. God is the eternal source of love. Love is powerful.
Through the Heart we may come to know the Love of God; through the Heart we may become the Love of God.

The Lovers: Gustav Klimt: edited by Jessica
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Image: The Lovers: Gustav Klimt: edited by jessika
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