Father Paul's
The Golden Force

Chapter 5: The Golden Force



In the instructions as to how to use the Psychic Force this question undoubtedly came to your mind: What power of force is this which makes it possible for me to use this method of leaning? My answer is -- It is the Golden Force!

This is the Golden Age in which the real things of the world are to be brought into the consciousness of all people regardless of race, creed or color. The Golden Force is the true gold of the real world.

This is the Golden Age because this Golden Force, this living dynamic power, this unknowable, unseeable, unseen, invisible Force is ever present. This Force while unseeable by humans themselves or outer man (although it is used by them all the time, and always has been used whether they know it or not), is set in motion by them -- it is motivated by them. This Force is moved and emanates from a great Creative Mind, not in some far-off Heaven but in everything we touch, use, breathe, say and do.

This is God -- It is manifestation which brings into existence our every thought or combination of thoughts and words which are spoken or declared. It is the means through which Man has free choice. It is the means by which our prayers are answered or unanswered. This is not hell-fire and damnation..

This God, this Creative God Who created you so that you might manifest Him, made you so you could create -- otherwise you would not be manifesting in His image -- would you?

Throughout the centuries past, humans have been looking for the return of a Great Master or Messiah. He or It is returning to earth -- How? Once again the Creator is coming into the consciousness of the people. That is, people are returning to the level and state of consciousness through which they can use this Force of the Creative Mind to solve their problems. Only through its power can they obtain what they desire in their life, and live the full and interesting lives they desire. His people are His means of expression in the material world.

People build their world, as we have said, by building their own atmosphere as they want it to be produced, and bring what they want into existence through their thinking and spoken word. Now look around you and see the world conditions and see what you have helped to build. Look at the murder, theft, rape, and the relations between nations. The relations between nations is nothing more or less than the result of mass thinking of the people made manifest. So if at any time there should be a war or mass rebellion -- Remember -- you are as much at fault as anyone.

Man can only obtain and maintain peace through a return to God consciousness. In other words, to know that through the Law, Love and Living, in the consciousness of these three L’s and being ever conscious man has the choice, and through his hourly thinking and words, can bring peace of mind and body. Thus will our country have peace, because there is no thought of war in our minds, as war does not come when the individuals are not personally at war with themselves. When the country is at peace, they will not be preparing for war.

The earth will be at peace when the countries are at peace. When one is at peace, one does not have ills.

Peace is not a state of stagnation, but a state of activity in which people are busy creating and letting God come through into material expression.

This is The Golden Force, in an orderly ever-changing state of creativity, work and manufacturing, for the use of the people. This is the doctrine of the Great Master, Jesus.

Man must be at peace with himself, before he can be at peace with others of his kind.

The Creator has not wanted man to suffer nor to be in want. It is only mans ego which will not accept that Man himself cannot do it alone without the Golden Force, for he -- Man -- of himself is nothing.

What you put into your atmosphere determines what you will receive.

Man has not been satisfied to create the idea pattern of what he wanted and let the Great Creator bring it into existence through the Law. Once, the Great Master, Jesus, said, "It is not my work, but the works of the Father through me!"

Man is always trying to control his world through new laws and by ideas of his own, forgetting that the basic Law was set down by the Creator when the Universe was created. If man would use this he could do all things without harm, to anyone or anything.

It is only through Living -- conscious living and knowing that we form the patterns in our atmosphere which the Golden Force fills and brings into existence, and in the pattern of the way we want to live it. Thus we gain the luxurious living that the Creator intended for His Creatures on this earth to live, and not in fear of want in the midst of plenty.

The term living is not what we see around us -- the existence in fear -- bound by limitations, bound by hundreds of conventional laws, no personal freedom, no world freedom; and without freedom you cannot manifest the Creator, be it in the Atomic Age or fifteen years ago.

You are a free agent of the Great Creator!

You have the tools -- are you going to use them -- Now?

The Law

Like studying the atom in a scientific laboratory, the scientist in working on any infinite particle watches its movement, weighs it in a mathematical way and is very careful to see how it reacts to other elements and forces when applied to it. In other words, if he does this, that will happen; and he carefully repeats this process until he is sure he has a thorough knowledge of its reactions. Then he has a basic idea to work on -- a basic Law or formula.

Somehow people have reached a stage in this present social period where if they try a way of doing something and it doesn’t work, they have a pet phrase, "Oh well, you cannot be right every time!" and then they go on doing the same thing over and over again. This is a tragedy when the thing has to do with life, religion or mind, and things that exist in their community They have acquired a defeatist attitude.

Likewise, we do not see or know God by comparing It with other dense matter, or what God weighs, but through the teachings of many great men -- the Bible, the Koran and other great books, and experiences and demonstrations -- so we know that a great dynamic Creative force works through the Universal law. As we learn to use it and know its nature, we must be just as observing and diligent as the scientist, in our directed efforts, in order that it will work every time -- No Alibi!

Then again, like the scientist, you know you must control your mental work, and everything must be clearly defined as to the elements you are using in the pattern of matter that you are preparing for the God Force to bring into your world. This is a mental picture or pattern of what you are accepting from God, whether it be a book, a job or a new car. That is to say, the individual must keep thinking clearly and only put into the pattern that which he wishes others to see, as an example of his handiwork, of the things he is thinking.

The way, the road of development of the individual in the use of this Law through which the Golden Force will flow, is the thing man is most interested in and, of course, he has it all of his life -- know it or not. He has used it unconsciously, because all things come into manifestation this way. If he learns to use it knowingly and constructively his observations will tell him his small errors and he will erase them the same as pain can be erased in the human body. The clarity of his results will depend on the clarity of his mental picture, also the clarity of his instructor’s mind in his instruction to him.

When reading some things (these were materials in this same trend of thinking) the impression was that the writers were building up this true, simple explanation into a complex thinking structure in order to confuse and confound the reader with their importance. Then again, it is human practice to always confuse the reader or student when they wish to bridge the gaps in their own understanding, so that they will not show.

Simple things are difficult to write about and this is so simple that for thousands of years it has been held, as we say today, "Top Secret," by many of the great groups of Mystics and Occult Orders. This is not to cast any aspersions on them, but it is so, and if you have read the chapters and volumes that have been written on this subject it will help you to know we are not dispensing a new Law and Order of things, but just taking off the Lavender and lace, so you may get only the essence.

Let me reiterate that simple things are very difficult to convey because there are so few factors or things we have to work with. This is so, for in the realms of nature and Universal Law or Material Law we have but one basic functional operation -- the Law of Cause and Effect. There are many ways in which and through which the Great Creative Force of the Universe works, but only through this Law.

The term Law, as we use it, means the step-by-step process which it is necessary to take in order that the Law of Cause and Effect will motivate the Great Creative Dynamic Force of the universe to manifest -- bring the pattern and thoughts you put into your own atmosphere, and thus into the material world or whatever world you are concerned with. This statement "or whatever world you are concerned with" sounds rather odd, does it not, but let us stop and think -- are we concerned with just what we see around us? For if you are a Christian (I am nonsectarian and do not classify myself in a dogmatic group), you should be interested in other worlds. If you are not,. You do not believe in continual life after you drop this vehicle or body.

As we have said, this happens every day whether you know it or not and you cannot change it, nor can our great men of science change it; but we can determine what we will receive in our world. The difference in knowing how to use it is that you can stop unwanted things from happening and bring Law and Order, peace and Joy into your life.

You are no longer a victim of accidents or fate for these things cease to have an effect in your Life. You are the creator in your Universe. You can create the things and conditions in you Universe through the Law the Creator laid down when It created this Solar System.

When the Creative Energy -- God -- fills the thought forms in the atmosphere of the individual or group, or the thought forms of a mass of many people, and when they uniformly accept an idea as a fact, It controls by the Law, the same which It laid down when the Universe was first started. Therefore, all people and things in this Universe and all life and dense matter are under the same control.

It does not make any difference if the person or thing is on this planet or some other, if he is in a physical body or an electrical form, call them whatever you may -- spiritual body, psychic body, or what -- for the same law governs the integration or disintegration, whether the object is being created or dissolved.

The first and one of the most important things to learn is that the Creator of this Universe does not reach down and set a condition into existence, or create a certain individual situation just because God thinks we have earned it -- or we should have. We must be of that consciousness that we realize that we are alone, that only through the power of God can we accomplish what we want to with our spoken word and thought.

That is, we either use the Law or someone with the same knowledge uses it at our request; other wise we do not get the results we are looking for. Sometimes we find that a rather "alone" feeling comes over us, but we must face it; we have always been alone but were not conscious of it as now.

The wonderful part of this Great Creator is, It will fill our life with joy, pain, health, sorrow, plenty or poverty, and It will do one just as easily as the other. Its only interest is to see that Its creations are fully satisfied and that their every choice is fulfilled right away, right now!


What condition is your atmosphere in now? Do you know there exists a dynamic force in you? It is the basic energy of all substances; therefore, every cell of your physical and electrical bodies are composed of It. Whether you are in the physical world, or in the world invisible, now, if It is, then do you have your full consciousness of sight? Then you should investigate and find out how to release this wonderful tool the Creator gave you. You can only function by use of this Law and the Dynamic Force of Creation, for you of yourself do nothing -- except choose, and not stop It from working.

The Creator, It, has provided the tools -- you create all things and conditions in your personal Universe -- it is up to you what you do with them.

Remember, you are a son of God. You are created in the image of God!





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