Father Paul's
The Golden Force

Chapter 7: Universal Laws of the Creative Mind


The Creator has provided the Universal tool -- the Universal Law -- and if you really want to produce what you want in your life, this is the way. The following is a step-by-step procedure:

Step 1:

Choose what you want to create and make sure you really want what you choose, meaning -- what you really are going to accept.

Remember -- the Golden Force is unidentified. It exists in all things; it is the basic substance of all matter. Your choice determines its material manifestation and form.

A person making a choice is like, for example, a woman doing a washing. The first thing she thinks of is water. So we in our example use water for the Golden Force. Now, she is going to use three different batches of water: soap water, rinse water, and bluing water. Basically it is all water.

In the first place, she uses soap. The soap determines the function of the water -- what action is going to manifest. In the rinse water, she accepts the natural carrying-away power of the water. In the blue water she puts bluing (bleach). This determines the action of the whitening of the clothes, thus another action goes on in the same water but it is only through the water that the other elements can be brought together and all of the necessary actions take place to produce a clean white wash.

The Golden Force will produce any and all things we desire, if we know -- know that it will. It will open the way for all things.

Step 2:

Become aware that this dynamic force is in you, as well as everything around you -- not in some place away from you; and that this Force will materialize that which you have chosen, through the Intelligence within your own being.

Step 3:

Then accept fully this which you have chosen with a feeling of "it is here -- it is being handed to me."

Accept it with the same confidence as when your pay check is handed to you. You know you have a check in your hand and that it represents buying power. So does this -- only more so. This is really creating the pattern -- the real part of what you want.

You are doing the same thing the construction boss is doing when he has his man build a wooden form for a concrete wall which is needed for a building. The wooden form is the pattern for the concrete wall. Likewise, when you build a mental pattern which God will fill -- it is just the same as the laborers who will fill the wooden form for the concrete wall.

Step 4:

Now that your desire has been created in reality and is coming into material existence, Let go of all thought of it and turn it loose from your mind. Do not start to think about it or question fulfillment, or look for it; just know that it now exists and you will have it for use as needed.

Do not question whether it will work or not -- stop peeking over your shoulder... For when you question, you are creating and building a new doubt pattern which the God will fulfill just as easily as the positive one -- only you will not get what you started out to get, or were working for. Let go! Let go! Leave the vacuum to be filled by The Great Force.

Let the Creator take care of it -- know the truth.

Let us take a typical example of what we are talking about. There is in everyone’s life the desire to have a car, a camera or a house which at present wages it does not sound logical that you can afford.

Right here -- in the last statement -- you pre-determined what you can afford. This statement tells several things:

1. That you believe you are the one that makes it possible for you to have a "house," by the power of your earnings which are set by thought-made concepts, based on the market demand. 2. That you do not recognize that all "things" are basically of one substance - the Creative Power of the Universe, "It." 3. That you accept limitations. 4. That you are controlled by mass mind at the time you make the statement. 5. That you do not know the working of the Law. 6. That you do not know that "It" can only express through you and your brother mankind.

Now, let us know the truth:

1. That you -- of yourself -- do nothing.
2. That you have the right to choose what you will.
3. That you can only earn that which you can accept and to which you know you have a right.
4. That you have been told that you are what you accept.
5. That you can own nothing -- you may have the use of that which you desire.
6. That you are but the prism through which the light passes into a denser form of matter, or into this earth plane. You are the expression of the Great One. Call it what you may. Do good or otherwise -- you are still only able to do it by and through the working of the Law.

The Law:

We are in a rush to attain material wealth and have closed our eyes and ears to all things which we say are not sound, logical and scientifically-based facts.

Right here, let me ask you - how much do you see, really how much do you see, how much of the physical world do you see with your two eyes?

How much do you accomplish with, and of, your own strength?

Let us see what the bible says about this Law:

Matthew 21:22 Verse: "And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

Luke 12:31 Verse: "Seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you."

Luke 12:34 Verse: "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

Matthew 7:8 Verse: "For everyone that asketh, receiveth."

Psalm 145:16 Verse: "Thou openest Thine hand and satisfiest the desire of every living thing."

You will say that, yes, these are in the bible, but this is a religious idea -- well, did you ever stop to think that perhaps they meant what they said; that Jesus taught the science of Life and they did mean it? You will perhaps remember the statement, "As a man thinketh, so is he." Well, this too is true.

Jesus also said, "Thy word shall not return to thee void." And he said, "Through me shall ye see the face of God." The Law is the great formula which the Creator set in the Solar Pattern of the Universe so that the creation would have freedom, one of the most important of all things to learn.

The Law, as we call it -- the Law by which and through which all things manifest in this world, or your life -- is the process of, or means of, using the Creative Power which brings all things into manifestation. It is the Living Formula of all mankind, whether you know it or not.

The force that we set into action through this "Living Formula" is made up of thought-waves, sound of speech and subconscious impression. These go to make up the combined patterns on which the Formula works -- manifestation of our dominant mental and spiritual states. Shock produces fear and emotional imbalance, which has been known to momentarily cause stoppage or acceleration of the heart. Physicians do accept that under emotional stress, particularly anger, the blood leaves chemical deposits around the joints in the body; and that worry, fear, anger, jealousy and other emotional conditions are mental in their nature, and as such are being recognized as hidden causes of a large part of all the physical suffering to which the flesh is heir.

A normal healthy mind reflects itself in a healthy body. This shows you are relaxed and the Creative Force is working through you. This is the Working of God through the Law or Formula.

Daily we must control our thoughts that deny the importance or existence of the real, and affirm the presence of God, the Creative Force, in every cell of our being as well as every thing that we see or touch. Remember the real is the world we usually do not see, which controls the unreal which we see.

The correction of anything in our life, through Scientific Prayer using Law, will work for us to correct body, mind, business, home relations, money or development.

Nothing can keep us from the Love of God. What a comfort to know that all is well with the Soul! Have we not been told not to fear, for it is the God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom? It does not specify that it will not work on, or will work on all things -- it just says How.

The same Force that creates the tissue in the growing embryo in the expectant mother, gives you your pay check.

What we believe about us, we must believe and accept about God. The Nature of All Universal Being. This is the state of your concept of God.

This determines what you receive, through the working of the Law...

Oh, look at another, do you see yourself or an other? Is this person like you? Does you show yourcolor in Plain View? Bless all, for as you bless another, You bless you.

Free yourself and help your neighbor to be free also.

All around you hear the cries about taxes and the high cost of living. What are you doing about it? Free yourself through working with the Law and working with your neighbor, and you will be able to make the Constitution of the United States stand for what it was intended and written for; a truly sacred document written by men with great wisdom and vision, who know us as we really are.

Let us make her the true representative Democratic United States of a World Government, for all nations, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

By keeping a clear-cut picture of the kind of place you want to live in ... in mind ...it must come true.

What you see around you is such a small part of what really is. This is a scientific fact. Your physical sight is very, very limited.







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