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We Must Live Our Enlightenment as a World Event

We must search within to find our answers. We must question all we have learned. We must discern for ourselves what is truth and what is not for ultimately we are the only authority. Out of a framework such as this creative thought will arise bringing us towards a World of Peace, Love and Prosperity and thus we will be a source of Peace and Love in the World. Let us Love One Another as Jesus and the Great Ones Loved and Love Us...

Lessons on Love
Love Index
The Golden Rule

Am I A Gnostic?
The Mystery of Light
The Oracle
The Nature of Evil
Sacramental Initiation
Visions and Spiritual Initiation
Spiritual Experiences of Ecstasy
The Family of Jesus
The Altar of Victory
The Ordination of Women
Plato's Cave

Gospel of Thomas Study
The Gospel of Thomas
According to Jessika
About the Gospel of Thomas
Scrolls Map
Thomas Sayings Slide Show
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Explorer to hear the music
The Gospel of Thomas
7 Comparisons
Word Search: Gnosis

Issues & Concerns
If the World Were
U.N. Declaration of Human Rights
A Covenant for Honouring Children
Mary Cares

Spiritual Practices
Daily Spiritual Practice
The Six Elements of Practice
The Strivings
Auric Egg Meditation
World Illumination Meditation
O Gracious Lord Prayer
Prayers Index

Marian Practices
Morning Mary Meditation
Noon Mary Meditation
Evening Mary Meditation
Chamber's Picture of Mary
The Sub Tuum:
Under Your Mantle Holy Mother
A Vision of the Assumption

Auric Egg Meditation
The Orange Exercise
The Circle and the Dot
World Illumination Meditation
Millennium Meditations
Easter Mysteries

True & False Religion &
Spiritual Practices
Metaphysical Fundamentalism
The Christ Complex
Jefferson's 1777 Draft of a Bill for Religious Freedom
United Nations Declaration
on Religious Freedom
Religious Tolerance Defined
Religious Tolerance & Cult Definitions
Religious Tolerance & Belief-Coercion
Laws Related to Freedom of Religion
The Dalai Lama:
The Conduct of Teachers

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Or See Online Books and Teachings
Sufi Murshid Samuel Lewis'
Lectures: St.Paul
Evelyn Underhill Online: Metaphysics
Western Tradition: Kybalion
The Golden Force

Available Now:
The Journey
From the Finite to the Infinite:
The Initiation of Master Timothy

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